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Friday, February 24, 2017

Hey what do you know!?

I can still run! In spite of taking a couple weeks off. Honestly, in my brain I was back to square one thinking dang it, I'm going to have to run 60 and walk 90 (seconds) for a while to get back up to speed.

But as I realized earlier this week - I'm still signed up for a 5k in early April so I better incorporate some runs into my weekly workouts again. So I did a warm up run on the indoor track before the boot camp class (more on that fresh hell in a bit) and I paced myself to take it easy. Thinking that I was running 11-12 minute miles. I even walked the first lap (of 6.5) so imagine my shock when I hit the first mile at 9:22. What the what?!

I did slow down a bit for the second mile but still finished right at 20 minutes. Serious runner's high going on. Pure glee on that run.

Feeling full of myself and astounded at my amazing Kenyan like abilities I sauntered into boot camp and was quickly brought back down to earth.

I'm being overly dramatic because it was a great class but it was super hard. Especially because I took on some heavier weights. They have these bags in the room we use for boot camp:

They're tricksy little bags because the weight listed on them is in kilograms. Turns out that "10" on the bag was 10 kilograms which really means 22 pounds. And the first bag I used which was 15 kilos was actually 33 pounds. Yeah, my muscles weren't ready for that with some of the exercises.

But it was fun, in a "I'm dying a little" kind of way and I've enjoyed going to this class this semester. This is one that I first didn't want to do at first because I prejudged it as being something I wouldn't enjoy. Lesson to myself - "just try it out for pete's sake. You don't know it all."

But coming back to work after that class?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

No guilt rest day

As mentioned earlier this week in my planned workouts, Thursday (today) was iffy to get something in. Due to work commitments, I'm not able to work out at lunch and I know from past experience that waiting until the end of the day usually means I'll feel too tired and unmotivated to fit something in.

So rather than spend the day feeling guilty that I'm not "pushing" myself to get out and workout I just did extra exercise yesterday and am calling today a good rest day.

Wednesday's workouts...

  • 2 miles of interval walk/jog. Took about 25'ish minutes overall. I jogged slow because I was going from this to my trainer and didn't want to wear myself out before meeting with him.
  • 40'ish minutes with my trainer. We lost some time at the beginning because he's working with an intern and they did an intake questionnaire with me. But no worries - what we did was enough. I did have a "spell" at the end when my heart rate got too high again and I felt nauseated for a minute. It didn't last long but as always was annoying, especially since I haven't had any of those spells so far this year and thought I was doing better with that. The irritating thing about this is that the exercise I was doing at the time should not have been something that accelerated my heart rate to that degree. I was doing tricep pushdowns (25 lb weight) and felt like throwing up on the 3rd set. What the hell? So far Dr. Google has not been useful in diagnosing my issues.
  • Zumba. I don't know that I'll always pair up Zumba and trainer days but since both happen on Wednesdays and I love doing both we'll just have to play it by ear. But it was at this point last night that I decided - "Well, taking tomorrow off sounds like a solid plan."
Facing the real world again
I got on the scale this morning and as expected I'm up from my 2 weeks of sugar mania. Girl Scout cookie delivery on top of Valentines day is a dangerous combo. But I have put my brain back in place and am treating my body better again. Cutting the sugar, cutting the caffeine, drinking lots of water, and just trying to detox overall from pretending that I can eat whatever I like and still feel amazing. Somehow that doesn't work...

Me too Andean bear, me too...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chill A.F.

My allergies attacked me full force on Monday afternoon. I have no idea what suddenly bloomed in my area but it was so bad that two Benadryl pills barely touched the symptoms. 

Tuesday morning I went ahead and took one Benadryl before coming into work since I knew whatever was out there was still waiting to attack me. But before work I went to yoga which is my favorite weekly exercise class. I've mentioned before that this is just a relaxed class more about stretching and breathing than contorting yourself into strange and impossible positions. Tuesday's class did not disappoint.

After yoga I was feeling super chill. I just wandered back down to my car, enjoying the summer like temps, thinking that an iced soy latte sounded amaze-balls and was like "man, yoga sure is amazing!"

Then I remembered the Benadryl. 

So yoga or OTC drugs? Either way not much bothered me for a while.