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Monday, November 28, 2016

Good Lord, two months?

It's been a busy fall semester and blogging has taken a back seat. I haven't even had a lot of time to read other people's blogs. But a quick look this morning and I saw that my last post was the end of September and I couldn't believe it.

So just a quick drive-by to say I'm still alive and exercising. Diet sucks and weight has been gained but I am still meeting with my trainer once a week and generally exercising at least 2-3 more times a week as well (some weeks are better than others).

There's just nothing that's been pressing in my mind to blog about. I hope you all have a lovely holiday season and I'll be back on if inspiration hits me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just say "la no" to artificial sweeteners

Well, at least cut down on them.

As mentioned, umpteen times before, I have embarked on a mission to cut out the diet sodas. I only had one last week and it wasn't too bad.

I decided to try sparkling water again as an alternative because I heard multiple people (which means at least 2 in my world) talk about their love for the overpriced La Croix.

After going through a case I have decided that I do not love it.

To be fair, I've never liked sparkling water/club soda/tonic. There's something about the carbonation that adds a taste to the water that I don't enjoy. Just like I don't like spring water but love filtered water. Yes, I'm unbelievably picky about my water.

La Croix is ok: not awful but not great either. I bought another case of it in the orange flavor to see if I liked it better (I don't). I like it on ice more but I also like soda on ice more so that's not too much of a surprise.

But it does give me something else to drink besides plain water all day long. A little variety is good. Along with the sparkling water I'm also back to drinking a good amount of unsweetened iced green tea in the morning (brewed at home so I don't burn my fingers at work again).  And since La Croix is no artificial sweeteners, no caffeine, no calories, no carbs, and no sodium it's far better for me than popping open a coke zero can.

Mondays with M
Finally got through a whole training session with my trainer - no long breaks because I thought I would pass out. Winning!

We mostly worked on arms on the weight machines in our rec center. I was happy to get through the session, and there were some reps that definitely pushed me to the limit for that particular muscle group, but it was also kind of boring. I'm not criticizing because I really do need to do more of that kind of work if I want to see greater change in my muscle definition. Not every workout is going to be entertaining after all. But it reminds me of why I like going to the group classes so much. I'm a little sore today but it's not too bad and my hamstrings and glutes are almost back to normal (after Saturday's workout) which is a relief.

So far diet is back on track after some weekend indulgences. Weight is about the same. It was actually up yesterday when I unexpectedly had to weigh in with M (I've never done that with a trainer before beyond the first and last assessments) but I wasn't worried as I knew it was late afternoon and I was water bloated. I stuck around 189 all last week. I'm not expecting to see huge/quick changes in weight so I'm not worried at all about it not moving much for now. Even being a few pounds up I'm still able to comfortably wear my size 8 jeans I got over the summer. Which I'm totally wearing to work today because it's the first day since April where it's cool enough to wear jeans and not feel like I'm suffocating from the heat.

Fall!!!! La sigh....

Monday, September 26, 2016

You've picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.

This is NOT the time to cut back on Coke zero and caffeine in general.

My brain is not working right now. And if my hamstrings could, they would jump out of my leg and punch me in the face. 

I focused on leg work for my workout on Saturday and it hasn't been pretty since then. The real culprit of my current pain/soreness was doing Romanian deadlifts with a 50 lb barbell. It wasn't heavy at the time but now it's a pain that lingers.

Workouts for last week:
  • Monday: elliptical warm-up and then training session, which didn't last too long since I somehow overdid it
  • Tuesday: TRX (focus on chest, shoulders, and arms) and 1 mile run
  • Wednesday: Kettle
  • Thursday: 1 mile warm-up and Abs and Tone
  • Friday: Elliptical
  • Saturday: 1 mile warm up run, all kinds of leg exercises - some with weights
  • Sunday: complete rest day
It was a good week for working out. The weekdays were good for diet. The weekend had some bad moments since I decided not to track on the weekend but even though it wasn't perfect it wasn't a total loss either. And I only had one coke zero for the whole week.

The hardest part about today, and my lack of brain function, is that people still expect me to hold intelligent conversations at work.