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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flaw in the master plan

There's rain in the forecast this weekend. My three options are:
  1. Run in the rain.
  2. Run inside.
  3. Don't run at all.

None of these options sound good to me. This weekend calls for 6 miles and that's incredibly hard for me to do indoors - in fact I've never done much more than 4 miles inside (4.2 to be exact). It's boring to run on a treadmill or around and around on the indoor track for that long. I get bored and start focusing on how tired I am, or how that little pain is becoming a big pain. There's little to no motivation.

I've never run outside in the rain. Will I get pneumonia? Will I slip on the wet pavement? Will people look at me and think "crazy person!"? I'm still a very self-conscious runner.

But not doing any running? Or running less than 6 miles. Ugh the defeat of that. The self-hatred that you didn't accomplish your goal. The pent-up energy that never gets released. The extra time at home with two young children when you could have been having "me time".

I don't know how things will end up.

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