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Monday, March 9, 2009

Accepting limitations

I really want to be outside today. I really want to run. But while I could go outside and enjoy the day I really need to give my knees at least one more day to heal whatever damage I did to them last week. They are still sore! The best weather we've had so far this year and I can't run in it because I pushed myself too much last week. So instead of being annoying and moody about not running (believe me this isn't annoying and moody- those musings would be much worse) I instead focus on the extra family time I had this weekend being outside with my family. Too many times you want to buy into the attitude of giving it a 110% and nothing less but that all or nothing approach is what made me quit so many things before. Perhaps I can start the anti-motivational motivation lectures? Here are some topics for my workshops...

Feel Like Crap? Great you should! Now give yourself a few days off to feel better. Just don't indulge in those candy bars - yes I see you looking at them in the checkout aisle.

Didn't achieve your goal? 99% of us don't. Now let's be more realistic.

Tomorrow is another day but today is pretty nice too. Balancing procrastination with reality.

You aren't an elite athlete no matter what that Nike commercial says about your shoes. Deal with it.

Aaah I could think of these forever. It's good to have a back up plan in case higher education decides it no longer needs my services. Just think of the motivational speeches I could give after that....

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