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Saturday, March 28, 2009


I haven't done much over the past week and a half. My husband was out of town for a few days and then it was rainy and I was happy with being lazy and unmotivated. However, today I had motivation to go run. My motivation was having 1-2 hours by myself and that was good enough. Since the threat of morning thunderstorms (and tornadoes) did not materialize I went down to the Greenway. It was muddy and pretty empty even though the weather was gorgeous. My pretty shoes are all mucked up now. :(

I did a sloooowwwww seven miles. My time at the end was 1:29 (almost to the second). I will say that I did take three water breaks and a bathroom break at the halfway point but I was averaging 11-12 minute miles. I wasn't too concerned about my time since it had been more than a week since I had even attempted to exercise and the fact that I knew I was going for seven miles. I got pretty tired at the end. It was hard to start jogging again after my last water break but I feel fine right now. It probably helped that I took two Ibuprofen as soon as I got home.

I only have two more weeks until my 10K. I'm not at all worried about finishing it but it's doubtful that I'll do it under 66 minutes. It may be close to that but I don't know if I can get under it.

I have nothing else interesting or entertaining to write about. I'll try to be more clever this week but I just wanted the two or three of you that read this to know that I'm still out there doing my thing.

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