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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm a people person

I got my long run in yesterday. A full six miles but the time was crappy since I stopped for three water breaks. But better to have a longer time than die from dehydration (yeah, I still need something to carry water with me). I took the extra time to drive out to the Greenway - my current favorite place to run - and it was PACKED with people. Geez, you get one day of temps in the 70's and people come out from under their rocks.

When I run I say hello to other runners and walkers. Even if it's just a smile and a nod of the head. But there are some rude people out there. However, that doesn't bother me too much. I just smile at them and move on.

I have met up with a nice person the last couple of times I've been on the greenway. He goes beyond the pleasantries and actually talks to you. And it's not a weirdo, why is this freak talking to me, kind of guy (believe me I've had plenty of those experiences I know the difference).

I think we should all be more like this. Shout out encouragements to other runners - we all appreciate it. Slow down your pace for a little bit to say hello and compare training notes. It helped give me that extra bit of energy to finish up the last two miles yesterday and I hope I can pass it forward to someone else the next time I'm out there running.

In other news I've run a couple of times without my Ipod. While it isn't horrible to run without music I do miss the beat. But I have to suck it up and deal with it because I know a lot of races don't allow them. I've tried to read, and reread the important info for Purity Dairy Dash:

Important Information
• No dogs, strollers and iPODS/Earphones allowed
while on the 5K/10K courses.
• 10K Course open for 11⁄2 hours.

I think that if you use a "," it should read "or" rather than "and." See look, it could mean "No dogs. Strollers and Ipods allowed." Right? Right? Ok, I guess they would have used a period or semi-colon if that's what they intended. I guess that they mean that no iPODS will be allowed. Bummer.

Yesterday I wasn't given a choice though, my iPod (ok what's the proper capitalization of letters in ipod?) ran out of charge about 1.5 miles into my running. It was a sad day in mudville but I guess I was able to better listen to my breathing, birds, and strange creatures running in the bushes besides me.

Lastly, new lesson learned after yesterday's run. If you splash a big handful of water on your head to cool you down don't be surprised when all your sweat mixes in the water and it runs into your nose and mouth. It's disgusting. I've learned my lesson.

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