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Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Results - 3/16

Geez, this will be harder to remember since I didn't keep up with it last week.... :)

Monday 3/9 - sore knees, didn't do anything. Wanted to do something but didn't do anything.
Tuesday 3/10 - knees felt better, it was the last day of sunshine. Started off with good intentions of running 5+ miles but ended up somewhere around 3.5. Must get some type of fuel belt to carry water now that it's getting warmer.
Wednesday 3/11 - rainy and cold. The university was closed for spring break so I didn't have access to my gym. Did nothing.
Thursday 3/12 - trying to snow. Seriously? Got bored during Gray's Anatomy and started thinking about how fast I could truly run a mile. Dusted off the treadmill and ran a full mile at 7.0 speed (8:38/mile). Did it, was out of breath and coughing at the end but I did it.
Friday 3/13 - had the day off. Took my husband out to the greenway for a long run. I went a full 6 miles but didn't run the whole time due to gas pains and also spending quality time with my husband. While I did run I kept on a 10-11 min pace per mile. First mile was right at 10 minutes, second & third mile was more like 10.5. Last 2.5 miles were just under 11 min/mile.
Saturday 3/14 - More and more rain. Where's the sun?!?!? Grumpy.
Sunday 3/15 - Went for a three mile walk with the kids and started my garden. Enjoyed warmer weather but still no sun. Watched "The Spirit of the Marathon" on the documentary channel. Thought - maybe I CAN do a marathon one day.

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  1. Thanks for voting for me! I can't tell you how good that makes me feel. :-)

    Someone once told me, "If you're thinking about doing a marathon, than you ought to do one." Best advice I ever got. I love the Sprit of the Marathon movie.