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Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Results - 3/2/09

Each week I'll recap the previous week's exercise/running.

2/21 through 3/1
Saturday - 2/21 *I won't normally include two Saturdays but since this is the first weekly results I wanted to add this one.
Ran 6 miles in 67 minutes on greenway - it was cold and windy. Running in the wind sucks. Felt extreme pain in pelvic area and dealt with more uterine cramps afterwards. Am waiting to see if this pain is due more to running or my ovarian cysts.
Sunday - 2/22
Wanted to run but forced myself to take a day to rest. Should have at least walked but ended up doing nothing.
Monday - 2/23
Was going to work out at lunch but husband said "let's go out to eat!" I eagerly accepted. Evening was too busy to do anything.
Tuesday - 2/24
Thought I would be able to work out in afternoon since I took time off to prepare for my Mardi Gras party but I ran out of time.
Wednesday - 2/25
No more excuses! Went to rec center for a tempo run. Training schedule said to go 5 miles: 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at 11:04, and 1 mile cool down. I started first mile on indoor track and tried to make it a 12 minute mile but that's hard to keep that slow. Switched to treadmill and ran @ 10:40/mile for 2 miles. Couldn't make it a third because I hadn't eaten a real breakfast that morning. Will know in the future to eat more than pecans and yogurt before a tempo run. Cooled down for less than a mile. Had right hip pain, I think it's due to my back - the right side felt tight before running. Did stretching that focused on that side.
Thursday - 2/26
Continued cramping and ache in lower back. Went to 30 minute Abs & Tone class for XT. Holy crap she worked our glutes.
Friday - 2/27
Schedule said to XT today but since rain will impede my long run this weekend I decided to do an easy run of 2 miles with my hubby. I didn't keep the time but it felt like a 12 min. pace. Had a little bit of right hip pain towards the end but it wasn't anything too bad.
Saturday 2/28
Didn't do any exercise but ate quite a lot of yummy-not-so-good-for-you food. The weather was pretty rotten but for a few moments it stopped raining enough to make me tempted to get outside. However I had just showered and done my hair so vanity overcame running temptation. Sunday 3/1
Lots of snow outside. I shoveled some of our driveway. Does that count?

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