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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Really getting down to business

With only 10 days left until the 10k race I know my training needs to step it up a little more for the last two weeks. Not so much that I risk injury but more than once or twice a week which I've been averaging. I'm not down on myself because of the training schedule - I've kept running and that's what is most important. So what if I don't get under 66 minutes for the 10k. I can run 6 freakin' miles.

But I do still have some goals and would like to at least get as close to 66 minutes as I can. So for yesterday's easy run I decided to run from work to home. My husband and I drove into work together yesterday so we didn't have to worry about two cars. I Gmap'd my route home and found a way to make it a 5k run. I didn't bring a watch with me so I have no idea of what pace I kept. I didn't try to make it fast and the only breaks I took where when I had to stop and wait for traffic before crossing a road.

Running in public is still a nerve-racking experience for me. It's not like the Greenway where everyone is participating in some type of exercise. I feel eyes upon me more and I really hate the fact that 90% of my town does not have sidewalks. I mapped the route to stay off of the busiest roads but unfortunately it was either running through the ghetto (not really but I'm paranoid) or spending about a half mile on a busy (sidewalk-less) road. I felt safer on the road.

It was a nice run. If I felt too tired I made sure to slow down the pace. I would tend to speed up if I really wanted to get through an area fast. Towards the end a couple of boys in a car decided to yell out at me. The annoyed part of me wanted to flip them the bird but the wary side of me just ignored them as to not antagonize the idiotic boys any more.

I'm not feeling as sore after runs anymore. I'm not as tired. This is a nice change. I'm not going to lie - spending a week and a half doing nothing was great for my knees. So maybe I can claim that my laziness last week was actually just being smart and giving my body a rest... Sounds good to me.

Today's plan are to cross-train in a Spin & Abs class at the rec center. Spin sounds fun actually. There are times when I think I have truly lost my mind.


  1. My butt will never, ever forget the spin class I took 7 years ago....it felt bruised for a month, I think. LOL Not sure what I did wrong.

  2. I hate spin seats - they truly are of the devil, unlike mash potatoes. (only you will get that reference)