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Monday, March 2, 2009

That's how it's supposed to feel

Today's schedule called for an easy 2 mile run @ 12:43/mile pace. I really have to ignore that 12:43 because an easy pace for 2 miles is a 11:00/mile pace for me now. Now if I was running 6+ miles I would be closer to that 13/mile. I read on another article that easy is not so much your pace as the energy you expend. If you can still talk but not sing you're at the right pace.

Since I didn't do my long run this weekend I pushed the schedule a wee bit and did a 3 mile run at 10:40/mile. It felt great. I could have gone much further but I didn't have the time, it was boring to run inside, and I still have a speed workout this week so I shouldn't push my easy run. I'll get my long run in sometime soon.

But the whole time I felt great. Never winded or worn out. It felt good to feel good running again. I also tried out my new running clothes. New things are fun.

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