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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way off the training schedule. Oh well.

This weekend will be interesting since my husband will be gone Friday-Tuesday and I have to work on Saturday. I won't get any long runs in this weekend so I'm adjusting my schedule a bit and will try to get my long run today while the weather is still good. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain again. Ugh. But I'm having difficulty planning my long run since I'm working all day. I hope to leave early and let "M" pick up the kids from daycare thus leaving me an extra hour to get out there and run.

In my previous running entries I've talked about my love for Biggest Loser. So this season I've been more aware of anything having to do with running. First was the great Marathon debacle with Dane (what's up with that NBC?!). And last night's episode all of the contestants went home and had to run a 1/2 marathon as part of a challenge. After I got over the fact that some of them were calling it a "marathon" (yes, I was yelling 'HALF' at the screen every time they did that) I really got into watching them go. I thought, man I want to do MY half right now! I'm tired of running this same 6 miles over and over again. I miss that weekly challenge of building up mileage. So after this 10k is done I'm back to building mileage over building speed. I don't find a lot of excitement in building speed but I do find a lot of frustration. Whereas when I ran 8 miles for the first time it was only exhilaration.

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