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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weather.com don't you be teasing me!

This weekend's forecast - 66 degrees and cloudy. Ooooooohhhhh great weather forecast! Of course last Thursday it said there was a 10% chance of rain and it rained all day.

I'm trying to figure out how I'll exercise today. After yesterday's great run I want to run again but I know tomorrow's speedwork will take a lot of energy and I should rest up. I won't get to my regular lunch time aerobic classes because I'm leaving work early for a doctor's appointment (will find out how those pesky cysts are doing).

I want to get outside again but the weather is too darn cold. I feel like a caged hamster and am really depending on that weather forecast to be right. Otherwise weather.com will get a nasty little email.

Work is super slow right now so I can spend extra time reading articles and mapping routes. I found a way to add mileage onto the Greenway once I get started on my "super long runs". The max you can get on the Greenway is 9.5 miles (round trip) but I found what looks to be a decent path that will add on 5 more miles (round trip). I won't be running these distances for a while but it's nice to know they're out there.

I also want to finally check out Fleet Feet. I had avoided it thus far since I still sometimes feel like I'm only pretending to be a runner. I have no problem with my current running shoes (bruised toenails aside) but I know they won't last forever and would like to get an expert's opinion on what shoes I should be wearing. Of course I'm also way cheap and it was hard enough to pay $70 for my current shoes. Then when you think of buying up to 2 pairs a year. There goes my normal clothing allowance (like I said, I'm way cheap and daycare for two is way expensive). If nothing else I'll get a fuel belt which I'll definitely need once I start training for the half.

This is like the start of any relationship. You're so eager to find out EVERYTHING about the significant other and everything is VASTLY interesting to you. I wonder if in 3-5 years the fascination will pass?

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