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Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly Results - 3/2 through 3/8

Monday 3/2
Stuck somewhat to training schedule and ran an easy (inside) 3 mile jog at 10:40/mile. No pains really and I felt great the whole time.
Tuesday 3/3
Didn't exercise since I worked through lunch in order to go to a Dr's appt. Could have exercised later in the day but was frustrated and a little depressed that Dr. couldn't see why I was having cramps.
Wednesday 3/4
Did the speedwork training as called for in my schedule. Didn't enjoy it but felt good about myself afterwards.
Thursday 3/5
Took my son to a very frustrating eye Dr appt and didn't have time at lunch to do any of my XT classes. Instead left work a 1/2 hr early to go workout. Decided that weather was too gorgeous for me to be inside and what I really wanted to do was jog. Jogged my neighborhood 3.05 miles under a 11 min/mile pace. Last 1/2 mile was very tough due to wind and probably my workout from yesterday. This particular path also has a few hills. According to Gmaps I burned 438 calories so hopefully I undid some of the damage I did by eating McDonald's for lunch.
Friday 3/6
Did Fluid Fusion as my XT. It's a cross between ballet and pilates. Didn't feel like it was all that hard at the time but the next day I woke up very sore - as if I hadn't exercised in months.
Saturday 3/7
My knees were too sore to run. I wanted to. I wanted to push it and just run through the pain but I accepted the limitations and settled for a walk with my husband and kids. I iced my knees.
Sunday 3/8
Still too sore to run. Another weekend without a long run. I walked 3 miles with the family and could feel the pain just in walking. Will never do Fluid Fusion while in a training program again. :)

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