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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Extreme Workout Thursdays

I came up with a new idea for the blog today.

Extreme Workout Thursdays!!!

Extreme Workout Thursdays are for those who exercise on a normal (or semi-normal) basis or those who aren't exercising at all! The whole point is to push beyond your normal workout routine and have one day where you sweat just a little bit more. It's about getting to the point where you think "Why am I *blank*ing doing this?" (cursing is optional) but feel good about yourself when you're done. It could be as simple as adding 5 more minutes to your cardio or an extra rep to your weights - or - it can be as extreme as you can handle (within the normal limits of not killing yourself - I assume no liability for injuries which may occur due to your extremeness). Your only responsibility is to post what you did in my comments box so we can all benefit from the mutual support.

If you aren't exercising at all take EWT as a chance to walk a mile, do some ab work, or ride a bike. And post to let us know how you feel afterwards!

****My own EWT is because I was feeling a wee bit guilty about getting dessert at Olive Garden last night. I went to the rec center with my hubby this morning and ran two miles. Normally that would have been sufficient for my whole day but I felt bad about the dessert so I went back at lunch today to take a Spin and Abs class. And I truly did think as I was walking in, "I want a workout that kicks my butt and makes me think 'why am I *blank*ing doing this?!?" Normally Spin does that to me but I feel great about myself afterwards. Unfortunately the Spin and Abs class had been cancelled so I had to decide what I would do on my own. I first started with the video game bikes. I got 10 minutes into it and was bored (but sweating) so I moved on to doing 10 minutes of the stair climber. Sweat was pouring off me at that point. So I finished it up with 10 more minutes of jogging (got in a mile). I felt much better about my indiscretions from last night until I looked on DietFacts.com and found the nutritional content for the Torta di Chocolate. I never in my life imagined it would be 800 calories. Holy crap! I may need to run again tonight.

Shout outs!

I don't know who you are but I'd like to thank my international visitors. It's not that I don't appreciate all my American visitors but it's kind of cool to see the global map light up with various countries. How do you find me?

Hello to:
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Ireland (I know you...)
Canada (I may know you)

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gotta get a long run, gotta get a long run....

I'm getting that feeling again. I mentioned it before as being like a caged hamster but this time it feels like a dog pacing by the front door begging to go outside... And I don't even have pets.

I've ran a little bit this week. A mile to be exact... But I have been exercising and feel more sore right now then I have in a while. So that's a good thing?

My new deal with my husband is for us to go to the gym together 3 days a week. I can move stuff around in my work schedule to do this first thing in the morning. It's good for both of us. One - he doesn't go unless I'm pushing him. Two - I need the occasional push too! Today we started off on the bike for cardio. I got 8 miles in and then we walked/jogged the track. I've also done weights and Abs & Tone this week as well. While training for my 10k I didn't do as much cross training as I should have and so I know I need to get back into it.

I'm not sure about doing the 10 mile RC Cola/Moon Pie race anymore. It's not that I'm afraid of the distance. I know I can do that (though I need more training). It's just that in their registration packet it stated (and I quote): "This course will be as hot as hell and there are hills that make grown men cry." So now I'm battling the - "am I just afraid of trying?" or "should I be cautious about trying such a course?" I know that I don't like running in the heat but to be fair I haven't had much experience with it. I didn't like running in the cold either until I got used to it. So decisions, decisions.

I'm going to get new shoes this weekend. I'm so excited! Maybe that will be the push I need to start training for this race.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Results 4/20-4/26

Not much run or exercise wise this week since I'm still being gentle with the leg (and lazy). I'm going to see if new shoes help since I don't think it's a stress fracture (in my highly trained medical opinion).

Monday 4/20 - No time to exercise, legitimate excuse for doing nothing.
Tuesday 4/21 - Could have exercised but didn't.
Wednesday 4/22 - Ran about a mile, easy pace. Walked with a friend for another mile. Played "Chase the Dragon" on the stationary bikes for 10 minutes and finally got a real sweat going.
Thursday 4/23 - Ran to rec center and then did 3 reps each on a few different weights - two different machines for arms and 4 for legs. Felt it greatly immediately afterwards and the next day. I can press 200 lbs for abductors and adductors. I'm impressed.
Friday 4/24 - Nothing but my reasoning was that I would give my muscles a break before my weekend long run.
Saturday 4/25 - Oooh big surprise.... Nothing
Sunday 4/26 - As mentioned below I got my butt in gear and did a mini-tri workout. It was harder than I expected. I guess I foolishly thought "mini" meant easier and didn't take into account that I've never done it before. :) But I started with the bike and quickly realized that staying at 90 RPM the whole time would take me forever so I pushed it when I could. It ended up taking me just under 35 minutes to go 10 miles and half of that time was on a pretty good sized hill. There were several times between mile 5 and 10 that I thought about cutting the amount of miles shorter. But I prevailed and after a bit of a cool down and stretching I started my jog. The first couple of laps were tough but then my muscles got into their groove. I really surprised myself by completing 3 miles in 29 minutes. I didn't think I could do sub 10 minute miles after a bike ride like that. And it didn't feel like I was going fast which was the best thing. Then after a cool down lap and a few minutes to get changed I went downstairs to the pool. The 16 laps ended up taking me 12 minutes. I tried not to give myself too much of a break between laps but I still needed to stop and breathe. I was absolutely wiped out when I came home and was really sore this morning (Monday). So you know it was a good workout.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's too darn hot for April

I didn't get a run in yesterday and I'm feeling anxious and full of cabin fever. It's too hot (for me) to run outside at this moment so I'm going to head to the rec center when it opens this afternoon. I decided that a good workout (to help make up for my week of laziness) would be to have a mini-tri workout. It's not about speed really but about doing all three cardio activities. So here's my plan...

Bike/Run/Swim - Now I know a typical triathlon would be swim, bike, run but I don't want to get all wet first so I'll end with the swim instead.

Bike - 10 miles on rolling hills at a level 8 & trying to keep a RPM of 90 (intermediate level for me)
Run - 3 miles at 11 minutes per mile
Swim - 16 laps for 400 yards or .23 miles

I have no idea how fast I'll bike or swim and I'll probably take decent breaks between the three activities but this sounds more fun to me than my typical workout. I'll give you the results tomorrow on my weekly results post.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I happened to be looking at these pictures this week because we took this trip a year ago today. I was a good 20 lbs heavier but I got more interested in seeing how much my legs have changed.

The second picture is from 3 summers ago and I was about the same weight (maybe 5 lbs lighter) but I had started working out some in an effort to lose weight again. Between babies I did lose 30 lbs. Of course that all came back with baby #2.

So since I was obsessing about my legs, out came the camera and I took 20 different self-timed shots to try to get a good look at my legs now (see below - yes, of course I'm sucking in my tummy):

The result from my critical eye - much tighter muscles. Still nothing to shout about but much better. I spend a lot of time flexing leg muscles to see which ones pop out. I'm worse than a frat boy at the gym. But it's an amusement. I've never liked my legs - never. I've moaned about my thighs already. I've always thought that I have fat knees and no ankles. But now I do like my thighs more than I ever have before and I've learned that high heeled shoes will give me fake ankles (and blisters).

Final thought? My oh my do I need a tan.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The difference

Between awe inspiring and inspiration.

Awe inspiring - Kara Goucher at the Boston Marathon finishing 3rd place at 2:25:53. (that's an average of running 26.2 miles at 5 minutes and 34 seconds PER FREAKIN' MILE for 26.2 miles!!!!)

By the way - once as I stood in my undies and sports bra I thought about running in a similar outfit and it took quite a while before I stopped laughing at myself.

But as awe inspiring as this is I don't find inspiration in her accomplishment. I know that after years of running, my very best might be twice her time (and that's working a LOT harder than I'm working now). Since there's no way I can reach even close to what she can do I view her success the same as I'd view Michael Jordan's - it's great but impossible for me to do.

Inspiration - I managed to get over myself enough today to go work out during lunch. I couldn't make it to the A&T class so I did my own thing which included a run down to the rec center - maybe 1-1.5 miles total and then weights. In the weight room there was only one other girl. She was college aged and overweight. If I were to guess I'd put her around 250-275 lbs. But she was there working out and doing some decent weights (I only know because I ended up using a lot of the same machines that she did - I wasn't stalking her I promise). She inspired me.

I've been reading blogs of runners who are much better runners than I'll ever be and they're at a level where they're so critical of themselves because of the level that they compete in. I'm sure they receive inspiration and motivation for themselves and that's great. But I think for beginner runners, if we want to be real with ourselves, we need to find people around our level to help inspire us. For me it's still a weekly struggle to get out there and exercise as much as I should. So when I see other average people doing it I'm inspired. I learn from people that are better than me, I'm awed at what the human body can actually achieve, but I'm inspired by something completely different.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get over yourself

Sometimes I need a reminder.
I've said it before - running is therapy. But this says it better than I ever can:
Read through her entries. They're well written and at times hilarious.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Must I workout today?

Feeling in a slump.
But I found a workout buddy so I'm forced to go.
Will test out the ol' leg again today to see how it feels.
Only to come home to demanding children and a husband that wonders why I don't cook anymore.
Woe is me - pity party central.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday Results 4/13-4/19 (posted on Tuesday)

So I'm a day behind... Yesterday was busy. :) I'm still dealing with pain in my right shin. Worse when I'm more active, dull pain when not as active.

4/13 - Swam 600 yards in the pool. Was not very graceful.
4/14 - Did a 1/2 hour Abs & Tone class. Realized that there are a lot of muscles that I've been ignoring since I started running more.
4/15 - Took the day off because I couldn't make it to my aerobics class.
4/16 - Was going to do A&T again but work got in the way. Went after work for an easy jog (documented below). 3 miles on the indoor track - 1st mile at 11 min, 2nd mile at 9.5 min, 3rd mile at 10-11 minutes (didn't keep exact times). Shin pain flared up.
4/17 - Walked to La Siesta and back (less than 1 mile total). Mmm mmm chips and salsa goodness!
4/18 - Turned 31. Walked two miles after eating my weight in Cracker Barrel pancakes. Tried not to hate all the runners breezing past me. Stupid injury...
4/19 - Felt like crap all day. Did nothing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What makes me go...

I only have an iPod shuffle so I have to add a lot of songs rather than specific playlists. But this is what I have on my iPod right now. I have to say that I just love most of these songs. Just listening to my mix today made me want to overlook my shin pain and start running...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh yeah

My original plan was to do Abs and Tone today but a group of students decided that they had to see me at 11:30 so I wasn't able to make it. Instead I went to the rec center after work and begrudgingly did a run. I really didn't want to run. I didn't feel up to it and I left my iPod at home. There's nothing more boring than inside treadmill or track runs without music.

I knew I didn't have a lot of time and since I wasn't thrilled to do it anyway I decided that I would only do 2-3 miles. If you remember the indoor track takes 6.5 laps for a mile. I started off at a fairly slow pace - 1:40 per lap (just under 11 minutes for a mile). While I was in my warm up I started to remember that, "oh yeah I like running!"

My second mile I picked up the pace - closer to a 8.5-9 minute pace. There was a moment on the last lap where I really picked it up to as fast as I could run and it felt incredibly free and smooth. It makes me wish my heart and lungs could always run at that pace. But they can't and I spent the next lap walking and then slow jogging. The last mile was back to a 10:30 pace.

Unfortunately my shin is back to hurting. I did ice it for a bit but I had kid duty tonight so I couldn't spend much time off of it. Though I do plan on spending the rest of the night with it propped up and on ice.

The next two days will be indulging on birthday foods but if my leg feels up to it I'll get out and run again because, "oh yeah, I like running!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Greenway - After the Storm

I haven't mentioned it on this blog yet (except for a small snippet on my weekly results) but last Friday my town was hit by an EF-4 tornado. My family was not affected in any way by this storm besides an hour of fear while the storm went through.

I just read the most incredible account (via email) of a local Pastor (a fellow runner) that was on the Greenway when the storm hit - he was ignorant of any impending storms.

Part of the Greenway has been destroyed by this storm. Probably the most scenic part of the Greenway. It was flanked by huge trees and followed the river, golf course, and larger houses. All of this is now damaged or destroyed completely. When the storm first hit I didn't realize the extent of the damage. We actually drove down to the trailhead on Sunday thinking we could walk through and see some of the "damage" but when we got close enough I could see that all the trees were gone and we wouldn't be able to walk down that portion of the Greenway for quite a while.

These are all pictures that the Rev. David Young took after the storm when he went back to survey the damage and the place where he managed to survive (he was actually in the middle of the tornado and survived by hanging onto a tree). If his story makes it to a website I'll link to it so you all can read. If you would like me to email it to you just let me know.

**His story finally made it on the news. Here's the link: http://www.newschannel5.com/global/story.asp?s=10199271. There's a video too.

It's just really weird because I've run on this Greenway in rainy weather before - no threats of tornadoes but it was enough for me to look around and think, "Gee what would I do or where could I hide in that situation?"

For now I think I'll be sticking with my status as a "fair weather runner."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This just in!

I finally found my results for the 10K on line.

I was number 29 of 46 for my age group (which I'm quite proud of thank you very much). My watch was correct. This will not format nicely on the blog but here's the official results. I think there were 439 runners total for the 10k so I had a good hundred people behind me!

29 334 1341 166 JUDY A. 30 1:07:07 1:04:41 10:26 Murfreesboro TN

I have a picture somewhere but I haven't found it yet. I'll post it back on this entry when I find it.

***Author's note - I finally found my picture and I look ridiculous. Since it's my blog I refuse to post ridiculous pictures of myself.

Other finds! My official Zoo Run Run Results. You can sooooo tell that I'm a newbie since I just found out where to find my race results. Thanks Nashville Striders!

34 429 303 182 JUDY A 30 31:42 31:09 10:03

Michael Phelps I am not.

After feeling guilty about the taco "salad" I had for lunch I left my husband alone with one child still awake and went back to the rec center to swim laps last night. I did a swim since it still felt like someone kicked me in the shin. Plus the idea of perhaps trying a mini-triathlon had crossed my mind over the past couple of weeks. I learned some things while swimming. While I'm a good swimmer in the sense that I'm not going to drown and I can do laps - I'm not a good swimmer in form or endurance. One problem is that I need goggles and a nose plug so I can keep my head down. I noticed that the real swimmers kept their heads down and only breathed every few strokes while I kept my head up and gulped for air every 2 seconds. But I did 12 laps back and forth which is 600 yards. I took quite a few breaks in between so if I do want to try a mini-tri I'm going to have to work on swimming a lot more.

I'm going to try an abs and tone class today and see how my right leg feels afterwards. If it does ok then I'll get back out to a run tomorrow. It will be short, probably just 3-4 miles and I'll keep an easy pace.

I'm still thinking about my next training schedule. I think I might focus more on burning at least 300-500 calories a day and try to get back on a weight loss regime. I'll still do some long runs on weekends and fit in one or two shorter runs during the week since that will be my quickest way to burn calories but instead of focusing solely on running I'll also have a chance to get back into some of my favorite aerobic classes. I think it will help to have something that breaks up the routine. I never want my running to get boring. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Results 4/6-4/12

Me trying to type my weekly results with my children....

Monday - 15 minutes of stationary bike and weights for hams/glutes, delts/triceps, and abductors/adductors
Tuesday - watched people exercise on Biggest Loser.
Wednesday - Tried a tempo run. Instead of using my schedule I went full force without a warm up. According to the length of my songs on the iPod the first two miles were 21.5 minutes, then I took a five minute break, and last two miles were 22.5 minutes. Overall the second half was faster than I thought I was going but I was wiped out. Maybe one day I'll actually pay attention to my tempo run instructions.
Thursday - no exercise, felt shin-splint type of pain in right shin
Friday - still a bit of pain in the shin so I'll leave well enough alone. Plus it's not safe to run when there's tornadoes outside.
Saturday - 6.2 miles in 40 degree weather with wind. More details below.
Sunday - nothing. Shin still hurts so I'm going to take a little time off. I've earned it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Run for the Ice Cream 2009

Actually, I didn't eat any ice cream when it was all over but I did gulp down a nice small carton of Purity Chocolate Milk. Delish! I didn't eat any of their food which was a spaghetti dinner. Who wants a spaghetti dinner at 9:15 in the morning? Bleck!

So here's the results. I'll preface it by saying I met all of my goals but one...

  1. Wake up on time so I can eat and get some coffee into me.I didn't sleep well last night. Even though I set the alarm for 5:30 am I was paranoid that it wouldn't go off. So I woke up the first time thinking, "man it's probably close to 5:30 I wonder if I should just get up?" I looked at the clock and it said 12:29 a.m. Back to sleep for me! But I kept waking up every 2 hours until finally at 5:30 the faithful alarm went off. My husband rolled over and turned it off and I silently got ready. I ate two Eggo waffles with peanut butter and had a cup of instant cappuccino. My stomach felt like crap after eating that early. I got on the road around 6:15. I knew that I probably could have left later than that but I had no idea what the crowd would be like at the race and how long the lines would be for the port-a-potties. It was dark, cloudy, and cold outside.
  2. Get to the race early enough to pick up my packet, use the bathroom, and stretch properly.As mentioned above I left early enough and the coffee kicked in enough that I had to make a pit stop at a Burger King on the way there. I figured it was a nicer place than a port-a-potty. I felt a little bad that I was only there to use their bathroom but didn't let the guilt linger. Once I got to the race I knew I was parked close enough to leave my crap in the car while I went to get my bib number, timing chip, and swag. As soon as I stepped out of the car I thought, "holy crap it's cold." Seeing as there was no line for the port-o-potties or race packets I really could have stayed in my warm house for a bit longer. Oh well, lessons learned. Here's some of the pre-race activity. I took the following pics with my cell phone so they aren't as clear.

  3. Find a nice place in the back of the pack so I won't be trampled.
    I wasn't at the very back of the pack but I definitely was behind a lot of people. This was so much nicer than my Zoo Run Run 5k where I put myself in the middle and was passed by a thousand people in the first two minutes. It makes you feel better about yourself when you pass more people than are passing you.
  4. To enjoy the scenery and atmosphere and not just think about my pace.

    Before the 5k/10k portion of the race started they had a one mile fun run for families and kids. The little kids were so cute. I will take mine to one someday when it's not FREEZING COLD outside. Come on it's April! But I do have to say that by not running with my iPod I was able to take in a lot more sights and sounds and got to laugh at some of the dialog coming from other runners. Even though the rules stated no iPods everyone had them so I could have easily ran with one. But it was nice to run without it on this occasion. Half of the race was on streets and the other half was on a Greenway that went past one of those rivers in Nashville (I think the Tennessee river?) . It was nice but I like our Greenway better. What was fantastic was that it was very VERY flat.
  5. But because I have to think a little bit about my pace - take the first mile at 11:30 and not at 10:00. Don't burn out on the first mile!They only marked the miles so I just ran a comfortable pace for the first mile and found that I went at a 10:30 pace. I thought that was good and just kept on going.
  6. Take the second and remaining miles as close to 11 as I can.After the first mile the crowd thinned out a lot and even more so after we lost the 5k people (they turned off around 2.5 miles). I got to 2 miles and was still running a 10.30 minutes pace. At three, four, five, and six miles I was still running a 10.30 pace. Around mile four was when I realized I just might reach my goal of under 66 minutes after all. I really think the flat course had a lot to do with it.
  7. Encourage everyone and thank any volunteers.I wasn't able to do this much in the beginning but around mile 4 I did try to be a cheerful runner and exchange pleasantries with other runners and volunteers. I found several women wearing the same shirt as me so I made a joke of that.
  8. Eat my weight in pancakes when it's over.The one goal I didn't achieve. I hung out for a long time to see my official results but it was almost an hour later and they still didn't have my name up. They had some other people that finished around the same time as me but no one after that. I seriously hope it's on the website soon. I'm a bit bothered that they didn't put that information up. I mean I know I didn't win any prizes but I still like to see the official results. But I do plan on eating a lot of pancakes next Saturday when I turn the BIG 31. I don't want to go out to dinner. I want brunch at Cracker Barrel. :)

So in the end how did I do? Well if you see the watch above you may be able to tell that I finished the 10k in 4 minutes and 40 seconds. I'm seriously the fastest runner on the face of this earth.
Ha Ha.
That is 64 minutes and 40 seconds folks! Can you believe it!?!? I was so very tired towards the end but I was pumped since I knew I was staying right at those 10.30 minute miles. I was definitely towards the back of the pack but I wasn't the last one and I think that's all that matters. Plus I got another really cool race shirt!
And now that's over. Phew. Time for me to finally shower and get ready to take my kids to an Easter Egg Hunt party. I wonder if my husband will let me sleep in tomorrow?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Pre Race Reflections

Tomorrow is the big day. Though I'm not as excited about it as I was for my 5k back in January. This is probably due to a few things: 1) it's not the first time, 2) I have to get up sooooo early, 3) my shin hurts and it worries me about tomorrow, 4) it's 6 miles at a faster pace than I like to run if I want to achieve my time goal, 5) I'll be by myself since my hubby will stay in the nice warm bed and take care of the kiddos. Since I will be by myself you can expect any pictures from tomorrow to be from me taking them by holding the camera out in front of me - oh those flattering close-up shots. :)

Anyway, I'll get back to my thoughts about the race in a second but I just read this Q&A by John Bingham on Runnersworld.com and really enjoyed this quote:

"The single most important element for a new – or renewed – healthy, active lifestyle is patience. It isn’t talent. It isn’t discipline. It isn’t will power or genetics or diet. Just... patience. So, don’t let yourself get in your own way. Be patient. Be kind. Be gentle. You’ve got the rest of your life to get to where you want to be."

This is something I have to remind myself of all the time. I get caught up in schedules and goals (which are good but not the priority) and forget the real end goal of just to get and stay healthy. Baby steps can be agonizingly slow but in the end they're better than burn-out.

So my goals for tomorrow:
  1. Wake up on time so I can eat and get some coffee into me.
  2. Get to the race early enough to pick up my packet, use the bathroom, and stretch properly.
  3. Find a nice place in the back of the pack so I won't be trampled.
  4. To enjoy the scenery and atmosphere and not just think about my pace.
  5. But because I have to think a little bit about my pace - take the first mile at 11:30 and not at 10:00. Don't burn out on the first mile!
  6. Take the second and remaining miles as close to 11 as I can.
  7. Encourage everyone and thank any volunteers.
  8. Eat my weight in pancakes when it's over.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

For pete's sake

I could not find my stop watch yesterday for the tempo run though I had sworn it was in my purse.

What did I just find in my purse (as I was looking for a mini-chocolate bar that didn't quite make it to my son's Easter party today)?

The stop watch.


I did also find that mini chocolate bar. I ate it out of frustration... Yeah that's it.... Valid reasoning.

In spirit

I tried to do my tempo run yesterday and it was really hard. As if I never have run before hard. They tell you that you have those days. I was just feeling smug about my great long run last Saturday so I didn't think a tempo run was going to kill me. But it almost did.

I didn't bring a watch with me so I have to judge my time by the length of the songs on my iPod. I haven't looked at my playlist yet to get the exact times but I'll list it on my weekly results.

But I went two miles at a good speed before I knew I couldn't go any further. So I stopped for about 5 minutes and got a drink a water and walked back down to the next 1/4 mile marker and jogged 2 miles back to my car. I don't think the jog back was anywhere near to a tempo run. It was more of a "I have to get back to my car somehow" run. I almost stopped and walked again but then I saw a series of female runners who looked to be about in the same shape I was. Almost all of them had a look on their face that said "I hate this." And funny as it is that was the exact motivation I needed to keep running.

About another 1/4 to 1/2 mile in I thought about walking again but then I thought of you all that have been reading this and leaving comments. I thought of my BFF that just started running and thought, "I can't give up now". I knew you all were there in spirit encouraging me to keep going.

Then that night as I read the "Going to Bed Book" by Sandra Boynton to my son I saw this picture of all the animals exercising together and I knew that we were all together in this great adventure. I just want to know which one of you is in the pink pajamas and is trying escape by crawling over the wall?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thinking outloud

A dangerous pastime to be sure. I must look like one of those people that walk around with an ear clip for their cell phone and you swear they're a crazy person talking to themselves.... Or you think they're talking to you and you give that half-smile/wave and start to talk back to them before realizing that they're actually on the phone. Or is this just me who thinks everyone is looking at me and wants to talk to me? I told you I had problems with narcissism. :)


I've been thinking. My 10k, as you well know, is this weekend. I'm excited about it though not so excited about waking up at the butt crack of dawn (no offense Heloise). My ultimate training goal for this year was to get up to a half marathon (13.1 miles) by October. I feel comfortable with doing 8 miles now and building upon that mileage. I know I don't need another 5-6 months to go from 8 miles to 13 miles. I've learned through this training that I hate training for speed and would rather train for mileage. So what if I spent the next 7-8 weeks building up my mileage to 13 miles? That keeps me well within that 10% increase per week so I'm not risking injury. Then over the following 6 months I focus on getting to a marathon?

It means a lot more time spent running. I get that. I don't know how I'll schedule it but I get it.

Is it crazy (like talking to myself crazy)?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Between me and my rear (whom I've named Heloise)...

Me: You know rear you've really been shaping up over the past couple of months. I'm very happy to be seeing less of you.
Heloise: Well thank you. You know I have been working hard.
Me: But there's always room for improvement.
Heloise: Excuse me?
Me: Today we're going to bike and do weights.
Heloise: Bike, schmike. And I do agree that your arms and abs need the weight work.
Me (on the bike): Random hills for 15 minutes at level 5
Heloise: Tiptoe through the tulips, la la la la
Me (1 minute into the bike): increasing level to 7
Heloise: ok
Me (2 minutes into the bike): increasing level to 9
Heloise: I have a bad feeling about this
Me (3 minutes into the bike): increasing level to 11
Heloise: What a minute here? What's going on!
Me (7 minutes into the bike): level 11 increasing speed
Heloise: I'm feeling sweaty. Do you really want a butt sweat mark on your pants?
Me (after 15 minutes of warm up on the bike): Great warm up. Now onto the weights!
Heloise: Warm up? What the hell?
Me: Hmmm this machine works glutes and hamstrings. Excellent. Dang it this intermediate weight is stuck so I can either do 45 or 65 lbs. Oh well, 65 lbs it is for 3 reps of 15.
Heloise: I thought we were working arms and abs? Aaaahhhhckkkkk. 65 lbs!
Me: Oooh cramp.
Heloise: Holy mother of God!
Me: And now for a break, let's work on the arms.
Heloise: suckers...
Me: And now for the abductors and adductors.
Heloise: crap that's close to me again
Me: feel the burn
Heloise: #&$*
Me: Good job rear. We'll reap the benefits of extra strength training.
Heloise: I hate you.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly Results 3/30-4/5

Monday - 3.2 mile run from work to home. Good run, bad traffic, idiotic boys in a car.
Tuesday - 45 minute spin & abs class. Abs kicked my butt. You can tell I haven't done any crunches in a long time.
Wednesday - Speedwork - 5 miles. Loads of sweat, paranoid frat boys, and much complaining from blogger.
Thursday - no exercise beyond what it takes to live my daily life. I was letting my legs recover from speedwork so I could actually finish the 8 miles on Saturday
Friday - nothing at all again
Saturday - 8'ish mile run as documented below
Sunday - mostly run but some walk for 4.2 miles around my neighborhood. The great weather was too great to pass up. I didn't push it and walked when I felt tired. Stopped halfway through for a bathroom break and a sip of water. Really just wanted to get 20 miles for the week. Passed three yapping dogs, 40 bottles littering the wetlands, and at least 3 cars with men/boys leering at me.

New accomplishment - total of 20 running miles in a week! I know this isn't much to people that have been running for a while but I haven't done this many miles in a week before. I'm lucky if I can get between 10 and 15 - heck if I can get to 10 it's usually a good week. Here's to putting more mileage on my shoes!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

8x3= more than I want run

I got my long run in yesterday and it was brilliant. I was kind of apprehensive about doing it all week. I've only gone 8 miles once before and it seemed like an awfully long way to go after my lackluster training. As I previously mentioned I went on a new path - it was the area around the Stone River Civil War Battlefield (previously chronicled here in our family history). It turned out to be just wonderful. And apparently I'm not the only one that thinks so. There were so many runners out there. I couldn't believe it. I think many are in training for the Country Music Marathon at the end of this month. I thought about training for the 1/2 Marathon portion of the Country Music race but figured I didn't want to push myself that much yet. Plus there's SO many runners there and I'm not ready for that size of a race yet.

Anyway, I digress (like I usually do). I had planned out a nice 8 mile loop but I quickly learned that although Gmap had listed a road as connecting from point A to point B it really didn't. So I changed things up some but then had to make more guesses on how far I went. I might have gone a little less than 8 miles but it was definitely more than 7.5 so I think that's good enough.

I had to leave the house earlier than normal because of some other things we had going on that day. But it was good practice to wake up earlier and force something into my stomach. I'll have to leave the house between 6 and 6:30 next Saturday in order to get to Nashville on time for my 10k race. It was cold when I first started. I was wearing my new outfit (because I'm still in love with it) and didn't bring a jacket with me because I knew I wouldn't need it for long. I used the bathrooms (I didn't expect them to be open that early - such nice National Park rangers to open them up for us) and got started. It took a good mile before I warmed up enough that my hands weren't freezing. I was enjoying my new iPod mix. I added some songs, removed some other ones, and rearranged the whole mix so it was like listening to a whole new CD. I was passed by several people but I didn't care one bit. What I did worry about was whether or not I had a big ol' wet spot on my rear. I was wearing my new water/fuel belt and I had put a frozen bottle of water on the back clip and I could feel the condensation as it thawed running down the back of my pants. And the bottles were quite noisy as the melting ice sloshed around. But other than those two minor annoyances I didn't mind the belt and I felt having the water on me made a tremendous difference in my time (of course) and my endurance. The only problem (which was my fault) was that the water tasted a bit soapy because I failed to rinse the soap out enough when I washed them. It wasn't enough to kill me and I'm sure my insides are sparkly clean now.

I was about 3.5 miles in when I caught up to an older lady. I had been trailing her for a quite a while. We were running about the same pace but she got on the path ahead of me. But we met up when the end of the trail forced you to make a U-turn. She asked me how far I was going and I proudly said "8 miles!" Then I asked her and she said "oh 24 miles." After I finished choking on my trampled vanity I was able to chat with her some more and wish her luck on the upcoming CM Marathon. Really in the end it was inspiring to see her go. I hope that I'm still running in 30 years.

Like I said, I wasn't exactly sure about my mileage so I ran far enough for it to feel close to 8 miles and to average 12 minute miles. But my pace was easy enough through the whole thing that I never once felt overtired or like I couldn't go on. I only stopped for a 30 second walking break throughout the whole thing. The weather could not have been better. The scenery was gorgeous, I got a nice history lesson as I rambled through the battlefield, and I once again appreciated the time and relaxation I get on my long runs.

Friday, April 3, 2009

One of the cool kids

I feel so spiffy today. I probably paid way too much but for the price of those marked up items I was able to have a wonderful in-depth conversation with one of the workers at Fleet Feet. And I knew some of the lingo. It always feels a little better to know lingo rather than nod your head dumbly.

Anyway, I bought a 3 bottle fuel belt. As I've increased mileage and the weather has gotten warmer I knew this would eventually be needed. The urgency with getting it today was due to my 8 mile run tomorrow that won't be on the Greenway (where there are water fountains) because of all of our rain. I imagine a lot of the Greenway will be washed out or muddy so I've found another route to take.

This is a good thing. It makes me expand my running horizons and explore new territory. And I've planned a route that still has a bathroom if I really need it.

But the best part of all was that I got to see Tommy (who now works at FF). He was my first trainer whom I just adore. He always was more excited for my progress than I was so I was so excited to tell him that I've gotten up to 8 miles. He was there when I first finished one mile.

In fact I was thinking about our first training session the other day as I finished my speed work. I remember the first time I met with him he had me run/walk a mile. No pressure, just go a mile and see how long it takes you. I can't remember the exact time but it was somewhere between 12 and 13 minutes and I only ran about half of it (which really isn't so bad when you think about it) but it killed me. My face was tingling because of the blood flow and I desperately tried to hide my huffing and puffing and sweating as we then moved on to other exercises to determine my overall level of unfitness. What made me think of it was that even though speed work pushed me to the top of my endurance levels on Wednesday I still came out of it feeling much better than that first mile I ran with him. And that is so much more of an accomplishment than getting under 66 minutes for my 10k. The person I am today versus where I was a year ago is the accomplishment that I need to feel more proud of.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No, I'm not hitting on you

I survived speed work! Phew that's over with. I don't plan on making speed work a part of my normal non-race training routine because it sucks. I would much rather run at a comfortable speed for 8 miles than run faster for four half miles with quarter miles rests in between.

I did the run on our indoor track at the gym because it was late afternoon before I was able to get out of the office. I knew the sun would just kill me for speed work so I opted to stay inside. While inside I saw a former student jogging along and I was nice enough to say hello and ask about his semester. He looked at me with "that look". I could tell that he didn't remember me at all and was wondering why this woman was talking to him. He quickly answered my questions and ran off. I just had to laugh because if I was just hitting on him that was the lamest way to do it - "how's your semester going? Have you planned for next semester?" Ooooh that's the way to get all the men.

Anyway, my speed work (for my own notes) consisted of 6 laps around the track of a slow jog (the indoor track is 6.5 laps for a mile). Then 3 laps at a higher speed, 1 lap of walking, 1 lap of jogging, and then repeat the cycle 4 times. Then another 6 laps at the end of jogging to cool down. It ended up being around 5 miles and my last couple of fast run cycles were not as fast but I kept going.

And to end here is my new under armour - pardon the blurriness of the pics my husband took them when he would rather be eating dinner.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh crap...

We all know that I've paid very little attention to my training schedule so this will come as no surprise to you all but it does to me. :) Today I'm supposed to do speed work for 5 miles and on Saturday I'm supposed to go for 8 miles. I'm not looking forward to the speed work at all. I need to go get some type of energy bar since I only ate toast for breakfast today. There's no way I'll get through it without some extra "pick-me-up".

My university (where I work) had a sale at the bookstore today and I picked up some "themed" Under Armour for 40% off. I really shouldn't have spent the money on it but I knew I'd never find Under Armour cheaper. I hope the medium size pants will fit - it was a bit iffy as I held them up but the larges really did look too large. But of course now I just want to exercise so I have an excuse to wear them. It's a pair of light weight Capri's and a cute pink shirt. The pants look so comfortable that I know I'll be tempted to live in them. Darn work attire...

And this just in (as I checked the weekend weather) there's more chances for tornadoes tomorrow. Hooray! I need more things to worry about in my life.