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Friday, April 24, 2009

The difference

Between awe inspiring and inspiration.

Awe inspiring - Kara Goucher at the Boston Marathon finishing 3rd place at 2:25:53. (that's an average of running 26.2 miles at 5 minutes and 34 seconds PER FREAKIN' MILE for 26.2 miles!!!!)

By the way - once as I stood in my undies and sports bra I thought about running in a similar outfit and it took quite a while before I stopped laughing at myself.

But as awe inspiring as this is I don't find inspiration in her accomplishment. I know that after years of running, my very best might be twice her time (and that's working a LOT harder than I'm working now). Since there's no way I can reach even close to what she can do I view her success the same as I'd view Michael Jordan's - it's great but impossible for me to do.

Inspiration - I managed to get over myself enough today to go work out during lunch. I couldn't make it to the A&T class so I did my own thing which included a run down to the rec center - maybe 1-1.5 miles total and then weights. In the weight room there was only one other girl. She was college aged and overweight. If I were to guess I'd put her around 250-275 lbs. But she was there working out and doing some decent weights (I only know because I ended up using a lot of the same machines that she did - I wasn't stalking her I promise). She inspired me.

I've been reading blogs of runners who are much better runners than I'll ever be and they're at a level where they're so critical of themselves because of the level that they compete in. I'm sure they receive inspiration and motivation for themselves and that's great. But I think for beginner runners, if we want to be real with ourselves, we need to find people around our level to help inspire us. For me it's still a weekly struggle to get out there and exercise as much as I should. So when I see other average people doing it I'm inspired. I learn from people that are better than me, I'm awed at what the human body can actually achieve, but I'm inspired by something completely different.

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  1. Just so you know, you're in the "inspiring" category for me. :*o)