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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gotta get a long run, gotta get a long run....

I'm getting that feeling again. I mentioned it before as being like a caged hamster but this time it feels like a dog pacing by the front door begging to go outside... And I don't even have pets.

I've ran a little bit this week. A mile to be exact... But I have been exercising and feel more sore right now then I have in a while. So that's a good thing?

My new deal with my husband is for us to go to the gym together 3 days a week. I can move stuff around in my work schedule to do this first thing in the morning. It's good for both of us. One - he doesn't go unless I'm pushing him. Two - I need the occasional push too! Today we started off on the bike for cardio. I got 8 miles in and then we walked/jogged the track. I've also done weights and Abs & Tone this week as well. While training for my 10k I didn't do as much cross training as I should have and so I know I need to get back into it.

I'm not sure about doing the 10 mile RC Cola/Moon Pie race anymore. It's not that I'm afraid of the distance. I know I can do that (though I need more training). It's just that in their registration packet it stated (and I quote): "This course will be as hot as hell and there are hills that make grown men cry." So now I'm battling the - "am I just afraid of trying?" or "should I be cautious about trying such a course?" I know that I don't like running in the heat but to be fair I haven't had much experience with it. I didn't like running in the cold either until I got used to it. So decisions, decisions.

I'm going to get new shoes this weekend. I'm so excited! Maybe that will be the push I need to start training for this race.

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