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Thursday, April 9, 2009

In spirit

I tried to do my tempo run yesterday and it was really hard. As if I never have run before hard. They tell you that you have those days. I was just feeling smug about my great long run last Saturday so I didn't think a tempo run was going to kill me. But it almost did.

I didn't bring a watch with me so I have to judge my time by the length of the songs on my iPod. I haven't looked at my playlist yet to get the exact times but I'll list it on my weekly results.

But I went two miles at a good speed before I knew I couldn't go any further. So I stopped for about 5 minutes and got a drink a water and walked back down to the next 1/4 mile marker and jogged 2 miles back to my car. I don't think the jog back was anywhere near to a tempo run. It was more of a "I have to get back to my car somehow" run. I almost stopped and walked again but then I saw a series of female runners who looked to be about in the same shape I was. Almost all of them had a look on their face that said "I hate this." And funny as it is that was the exact motivation I needed to keep running.

About another 1/4 to 1/2 mile in I thought about walking again but then I thought of you all that have been reading this and leaving comments. I thought of my BFF that just started running and thought, "I can't give up now". I knew you all were there in spirit encouraging me to keep going.

Then that night as I read the "Going to Bed Book" by Sandra Boynton to my son I saw this picture of all the animals exercising together and I knew that we were all together in this great adventure. I just want to know which one of you is in the pink pajamas and is trying escape by crawling over the wall?


  1. Get on ya' girl, for not stopping! Fairplay! And whatever else they say here for "good job". LOL

    Now, I'll think of this post whenever I want to stop. :o)

  2. It would be me in the pink pajamas. You are doing great!!