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Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's too darn hot for April

I didn't get a run in yesterday and I'm feeling anxious and full of cabin fever. It's too hot (for me) to run outside at this moment so I'm going to head to the rec center when it opens this afternoon. I decided that a good workout (to help make up for my week of laziness) would be to have a mini-tri workout. It's not about speed really but about doing all three cardio activities. So here's my plan...

Bike/Run/Swim - Now I know a typical triathlon would be swim, bike, run but I don't want to get all wet first so I'll end with the swim instead.

Bike - 10 miles on rolling hills at a level 8 & trying to keep a RPM of 90 (intermediate level for me)
Run - 3 miles at 11 minutes per mile
Swim - 16 laps for 400 yards or .23 miles

I have no idea how fast I'll bike or swim and I'll probably take decent breaks between the three activities but this sounds more fun to me than my typical workout. I'll give you the results tomorrow on my weekly results post.

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