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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I happened to be looking at these pictures this week because we took this trip a year ago today. I was a good 20 lbs heavier but I got more interested in seeing how much my legs have changed.

The second picture is from 3 summers ago and I was about the same weight (maybe 5 lbs lighter) but I had started working out some in an effort to lose weight again. Between babies I did lose 30 lbs. Of course that all came back with baby #2.

So since I was obsessing about my legs, out came the camera and I took 20 different self-timed shots to try to get a good look at my legs now (see below - yes, of course I'm sucking in my tummy):

The result from my critical eye - much tighter muscles. Still nothing to shout about but much better. I spend a lot of time flexing leg muscles to see which ones pop out. I'm worse than a frat boy at the gym. But it's an amusement. I've never liked my legs - never. I've moaned about my thighs already. I've always thought that I have fat knees and no ankles. But now I do like my thighs more than I ever have before and I've learned that high heeled shoes will give me fake ankles (and blisters).

Final thought? My oh my do I need a tan.

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  1. I do this too. Actually I tried taking pictures of myself this week, but couldn't get a good angle... I can definitely see the difference in your pics, awesome! I too gained the weight back and forth between the 3 kids!
    Have a great week! Sara