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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday Results 4/13-4/19 (posted on Tuesday)

So I'm a day behind... Yesterday was busy. :) I'm still dealing with pain in my right shin. Worse when I'm more active, dull pain when not as active.

4/13 - Swam 600 yards in the pool. Was not very graceful.
4/14 - Did a 1/2 hour Abs & Tone class. Realized that there are a lot of muscles that I've been ignoring since I started running more.
4/15 - Took the day off because I couldn't make it to my aerobics class.
4/16 - Was going to do A&T again but work got in the way. Went after work for an easy jog (documented below). 3 miles on the indoor track - 1st mile at 11 min, 2nd mile at 9.5 min, 3rd mile at 10-11 minutes (didn't keep exact times). Shin pain flared up.
4/17 - Walked to La Siesta and back (less than 1 mile total). Mmm mmm chips and salsa goodness!
4/18 - Turned 31. Walked two miles after eating my weight in Cracker Barrel pancakes. Tried not to hate all the runners breezing past me. Stupid injury...
4/19 - Felt like crap all day. Did nothing.

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