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Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Results 4/20-4/26

Not much run or exercise wise this week since I'm still being gentle with the leg (and lazy). I'm going to see if new shoes help since I don't think it's a stress fracture (in my highly trained medical opinion).

Monday 4/20 - No time to exercise, legitimate excuse for doing nothing.
Tuesday 4/21 - Could have exercised but didn't.
Wednesday 4/22 - Ran about a mile, easy pace. Walked with a friend for another mile. Played "Chase the Dragon" on the stationary bikes for 10 minutes and finally got a real sweat going.
Thursday 4/23 - Ran to rec center and then did 3 reps each on a few different weights - two different machines for arms and 4 for legs. Felt it greatly immediately afterwards and the next day. I can press 200 lbs for abductors and adductors. I'm impressed.
Friday 4/24 - Nothing but my reasoning was that I would give my muscles a break before my weekend long run.
Saturday 4/25 - Oooh big surprise.... Nothing
Sunday 4/26 - As mentioned below I got my butt in gear and did a mini-tri workout. It was harder than I expected. I guess I foolishly thought "mini" meant easier and didn't take into account that I've never done it before. :) But I started with the bike and quickly realized that staying at 90 RPM the whole time would take me forever so I pushed it when I could. It ended up taking me just under 35 minutes to go 10 miles and half of that time was on a pretty good sized hill. There were several times between mile 5 and 10 that I thought about cutting the amount of miles shorter. But I prevailed and after a bit of a cool down and stretching I started my jog. The first couple of laps were tough but then my muscles got into their groove. I really surprised myself by completing 3 miles in 29 minutes. I didn't think I could do sub 10 minute miles after a bike ride like that. And it didn't feel like I was going fast which was the best thing. Then after a cool down lap and a few minutes to get changed I went downstairs to the pool. The 16 laps ended up taking me 12 minutes. I tried not to give myself too much of a break between laps but I still needed to stop and breathe. I was absolutely wiped out when I came home and was really sore this morning (Monday). So you know it was a good workout.

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  1. Good on ya' on the mini-tri! The last time I tried swimming free style, I nearly puked. LOL I just can't get my breathing down b/c I keep getting water in my ears when I turn to breathe. Earplugs would be an easy fix, but ah well. :o)