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Thursday, April 2, 2009

No, I'm not hitting on you

I survived speed work! Phew that's over with. I don't plan on making speed work a part of my normal non-race training routine because it sucks. I would much rather run at a comfortable speed for 8 miles than run faster for four half miles with quarter miles rests in between.

I did the run on our indoor track at the gym because it was late afternoon before I was able to get out of the office. I knew the sun would just kill me for speed work so I opted to stay inside. While inside I saw a former student jogging along and I was nice enough to say hello and ask about his semester. He looked at me with "that look". I could tell that he didn't remember me at all and was wondering why this woman was talking to him. He quickly answered my questions and ran off. I just had to laugh because if I was just hitting on him that was the lamest way to do it - "how's your semester going? Have you planned for next semester?" Ooooh that's the way to get all the men.

Anyway, my speed work (for my own notes) consisted of 6 laps around the track of a slow jog (the indoor track is 6.5 laps for a mile). Then 3 laps at a higher speed, 1 lap of walking, 1 lap of jogging, and then repeat the cycle 4 times. Then another 6 laps at the end of jogging to cool down. It ended up being around 5 miles and my last couple of fast run cycles were not as fast but I kept going.

And to end here is my new under armour - pardon the blurriness of the pics my husband took them when he would rather be eating dinner.


  1. I like the colors. You look awesome!!!! I am glad that you found your niche in running. Lord knows I hate running.