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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh crap...

We all know that I've paid very little attention to my training schedule so this will come as no surprise to you all but it does to me. :) Today I'm supposed to do speed work for 5 miles and on Saturday I'm supposed to go for 8 miles. I'm not looking forward to the speed work at all. I need to go get some type of energy bar since I only ate toast for breakfast today. There's no way I'll get through it without some extra "pick-me-up".

My university (where I work) had a sale at the bookstore today and I picked up some "themed" Under Armour for 40% off. I really shouldn't have spent the money on it but I knew I'd never find Under Armour cheaper. I hope the medium size pants will fit - it was a bit iffy as I held them up but the larges really did look too large. But of course now I just want to exercise so I have an excuse to wear them. It's a pair of light weight Capri's and a cute pink shirt. The pants look so comfortable that I know I'll be tempted to live in them. Darn work attire...

And this just in (as I checked the weekend weather) there's more chances for tornadoes tomorrow. Hooray! I need more things to worry about in my life.


  1. If you can make it to Target, Champion has a line of athletic stuff called C2. It definitely competes with Under Armour as far as quality but is like half the price, and sometimes it's even on sale!

    Good luck with training!

  2. Thanks Suzanne - most of my current stuff is Champion because I can't stand the price of Under Armour at the sporting good stores. I'm slowly building up my wardrobe. :)