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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh yeah

My original plan was to do Abs and Tone today but a group of students decided that they had to see me at 11:30 so I wasn't able to make it. Instead I went to the rec center after work and begrudgingly did a run. I really didn't want to run. I didn't feel up to it and I left my iPod at home. There's nothing more boring than inside treadmill or track runs without music.

I knew I didn't have a lot of time and since I wasn't thrilled to do it anyway I decided that I would only do 2-3 miles. If you remember the indoor track takes 6.5 laps for a mile. I started off at a fairly slow pace - 1:40 per lap (just under 11 minutes for a mile). While I was in my warm up I started to remember that, "oh yeah I like running!"

My second mile I picked up the pace - closer to a 8.5-9 minute pace. There was a moment on the last lap where I really picked it up to as fast as I could run and it felt incredibly free and smooth. It makes me wish my heart and lungs could always run at that pace. But they can't and I spent the next lap walking and then slow jogging. The last mile was back to a 10:30 pace.

Unfortunately my shin is back to hurting. I did ice it for a bit but I had kid duty tonight so I couldn't spend much time off of it. Though I do plan on spending the rest of the night with it propped up and on ice.

The next two days will be indulging on birthday foods but if my leg feels up to it I'll get out and run again because, "oh yeah, I like running!"

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