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Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly Results 3/30-4/5

Monday - 3.2 mile run from work to home. Good run, bad traffic, idiotic boys in a car.
Tuesday - 45 minute spin & abs class. Abs kicked my butt. You can tell I haven't done any crunches in a long time.
Wednesday - Speedwork - 5 miles. Loads of sweat, paranoid frat boys, and much complaining from blogger.
Thursday - no exercise beyond what it takes to live my daily life. I was letting my legs recover from speedwork so I could actually finish the 8 miles on Saturday
Friday - nothing at all again
Saturday - 8'ish mile run as documented below
Sunday - mostly run but some walk for 4.2 miles around my neighborhood. The great weather was too great to pass up. I didn't push it and walked when I felt tired. Stopped halfway through for a bathroom break and a sip of water. Really just wanted to get 20 miles for the week. Passed three yapping dogs, 40 bottles littering the wetlands, and at least 3 cars with men/boys leering at me.

New accomplishment - total of 20 running miles in a week! I know this isn't much to people that have been running for a while but I haven't done this many miles in a week before. I'm lucky if I can get between 10 and 15 - heck if I can get to 10 it's usually a good week. Here's to putting more mileage on my shoes!

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