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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally an update!

Good news/bad news - no fractures according to the x-ray but then what the heck is going on with my right calf?

Denial news - I'll just keep working out and see if it gets worse.

Lazy news - Last week I only did Spin and Abs and my three mile speed work. It's so not worth a whole week in review.

Back on the horse news - Went back to Spin and Abs yesterday. Husband is back home so I can run this weekend, and work is less busy this week so I should be able to make it to my Thursday and Friday group classes.

Salivating and waiting on the edge of my seat news - only 5 days left until I got to an overnight get away with an old friend at a spa/resort. Hour long massages have been booked, drinks will be drunk (well by me at least), and many yummy things will be eaten.

Life with a disease news - ok of all of the diseases you could have hypothyroidism is probably the one you want to have but I'm still trying to absorb the thoughts of having to take synthetic thyroid hormones every day for the rest of my life. I just started my first dosage today and am curious as to how it will affect me - so far it feels like I took a couple of Benadryl (not quite the reaction I expected). I'm waiting for weight to FLY off of me - unrealistic you say? Pshaw - you don't know me very well then. ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Waiting on an x-ray

(not my leg)

I finally went to get an x-ray of my leg today. I did it late in the afternoon so I won't get the result back until at least tomorrow. The hard part is that a lot of stress fractures don't show up on normal x-rays so if there's nothing there I'm still not in the clear. We could do an MRI and all that fun stuff but I don't think the pain I have warrants that kind of imaging yet.

This all stems from the fact that I finally had a yearly physical (beyond the annual womenly "stuff" check). I also got my blood work back and I'm great for cholesterol which is good because before (40+ lbs ago) I was not so good and bad levels do run in my family regardless.

What has come back is that apparently I have hypothyroidism. This isn't a complete surprise as my thyroid levels have always been on the low side of normal. I don't have all the details yet since I still have to talk to my Dr about the results but I hope this partially explains why it's so hard for me to lose weight and thus I can eat more ice cream without guilt. Kidding kidding... (not really)

And lastly I did get a short run in yesterday. It was only 3 miles total but I did speed work for 2 of those 2 miles so I think it counts as a good workout. I have lacked on EWT today but my extreme workout is dealing with two young children during the witching hour.

And that being said I'm off to go battle the nightly dinner argument that I have with my 3 year old.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are you crying? NOVA is making you cry?!

Thanks to Netflix I just got done watching NOVA's Marathon Challenge. Basically NOVA takes 13 sedentary people and trains them over a 9 month period to run the Boston Marathon. For other non-runners/newbies I'll add in that they are able to run Boston as a "special case". You normally have to qualify to run in Boston by running a previous marathon in a certain amount of time (varies by age and sex). That being said it's a fantastic video for newbies to watch. It explains a lot of the science behind running and the factors that go into endurance training and improving your overall health - even covers that the women don't lose weight just by running (something that I've found to be true for me).

And at the end of any good marathon video is when the team finishes their race. So there I am on the recliner bawling and cheering them on as if I knew these people. I certainly identify with them but I started to laugh when I realized that I'm now giving running movies the same emotional connection as I do while watching shows like Baby Story. I always cry when those women finally push out their babies and hold them for the first time. And now I get choked up when someone crosses the finish line. Lord help me, I'm not crazy I swear it.

As mentioned on my weekly results it is hard to get my exercise in this week. I did go to Spin & Abs today but it may be the only thing I can fit in this week. I hope to be done with work early enough tomorrow to run before picking up the kids from daycare but we'll just have to see how the day plays out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Results - 5/11-5/17

Remember that I have a new schedule! It started off good but then went downhill fast.

Monday - The schedule said to run an "easy" 2 miles but I was feeling cheeky so I made it a fast two miles. The first was in 8:30 and the second was 9:30 (had two walking breaks and a side cramp that slowed me down). I was super impressed that I made that time since this run was outside and included some "gentle" hills. A sub 27 min 5k is in my future! I can see it!!
Tuesday - Spin & Abs. Oh.... my..... god.... Spin always wipes me out but I usually feel good about myself afterwards. This time (after 35+ minutes of mostly sprints and steep climbs) I just wanted to huddle on the floor in a fetal position. And to end it with a series of one minute planks? Are you kidding me?
Wednesday - the plan was for speed work but many things conspired against me. Nada for the day.
Thursday - Nothing, and thus starts the trend...
Friday - Nada
Saturday - Nope
Sunday - Mowed the lawn - can feel sore muscles in my arms so it counts.

I couldn't fit it my running this week despite my grandiose thoughts from earlier this week. I could have squeezed a run in this weekend but instead I caught up on other important housekeeping items. This next week will be tricky to fit stuff in since work will be busier and I'll be a single parent for a few days. But we'll see what I can do!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


If a 64 year old man, on 5 different mediciations, can lose 177 lbs at home you have NO excuses. None.

Yay Jerry!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My very humble (but always right) opinion

I think the hardest part about getting into a new routine is breaking your old routine. I've now been consistently working out (3-5 times a week every week) for a full year. I'll admit there have been a couple of weeks of doing diddly-squat but I never went for long. And here are a few things that worked for me to get on this new regime.

One - Be forced to do it and find a professional to teach you.
I'm not kidding. Which one of us willingly does this every week for a whole year even once we've met our goals? My year got started by joining a training program where I would meet once a week with a real trainer to get tips and a workout schedule. Since I was accountable to get on that scale in front of a real person every week my own self-worth knew I had to actually work hard to achieve results. I was accountable to someone I didn't know and therefore couldn't be resentful towards. Such as if it were my husband I would eventually start thinking - well aren't you supposed to love me fluff and all?

Two - When you don't see the results that you want realize that this is a process.
I started off ok with my training program. Lost a few pounds and then there was nothing. For WEEKS there was nothing. I was working hard and my diet was pretty darn good. And the scale had nothing to show for it. But what I could see was that my endurance was beginning to build. I didn't feel like my heart was going to explode after 20 minutes of cardio. I could see my strength building in the weights I could handle. I felt better about myself in general. After 10 weeks I only lost 4 pounds. But after another month I had lost close to 15. My body was doing weird things - I blame hormones - but I kept going.

Three - Finding time to do it.
I work full time, have 2 young children, and a husband. I have t.v. shows that I MUST watch every week. I don't wake up early and working out past 7 pm rarely happens in my world. Finding time to workout can be difficult BUT my job is flexible. I can take a little extra time at lunch, or come in late/leave early to fit in a workout. Really the majority of my workouts happen at lunch. It means I sweat a lot and have to come back to work but there are such things as showers, body spray, and deodorant. I'm not a girly-girl so it doesn't matter that my hair and make-up aren't perfect. They rarely are. :) Since I've started to run I've also dedicated 1-2 hours every weekend for a run. This is fantastic for me and not so great for my husband. But I've found that when I do run I feel better and am better able to handle the stresses of my kids and housework. I don't feel like it's too much to ask and try to give the same time back to my husband. I also work at a university that has a great rec center with some really fantastic equipment and group aerobic classes. I take full advantage of the resources that are available to me - this also makes it easier to get lunch time workouts. For you it might be different but you have to find what works for you. We all have excuses so that's why it's important to go back to number one on my list - be forced to do it.

Four - Find your support.
You need a cheerleader. Find friends or family that will celebrate every accomplishment with you. That's why I love when my friends read my blog and comment on it. It really does help me to force myself out the door to exercise when I'd rather be sitting on my butt. If you need a cheerleader I will be it!! I have pom-poms and everything.

Five - Make a reasonable goal and once again remember that it' s a process.
We all want to lose 20 lbs and run a marathon. But this takes too long for us to achieve before most of us will quit. So instead make a smaller reasonable goal. 5 pounds, a 5k, one smaller dress size. Don't plan anything that will take beyond 10 weeks to achieve. Short reasonable goals make you happy and help you set new goals. Eventually you'll get to that 20 lbs and marathon if you keep working. For me once I ran 5k and then knew I could run a 10k the thoughts of being able to run a marathon were suddenly a reality but I'm not pushing myself to do that yet (despite an earlier post where I wondered out loud). This is a lifetime of fitness that I've embarked on and that I've come to enjoy. I can afford to work up to a marathon and to do well at it rather than just run it for the sake of finishing it. I see improvements in my running every month. I'm going faster and farther and only time can tell how much better I can do.

I spent over 10 years of my teens/young adulthood being inactive. I'm tired of being inactive. I love feeling strong and competitive. It will become addicting but it doesn't happen right away and it doesn't happen every day. But when it doesn't you just try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Schedule - through June

Any bets on if I'll keep it? Anyone? Anyone at all? :)

Here it goes. I don't think I'll do the RC Cola/MoonPie 10 mile race. I'm just not looking forward to the heat/hills. But I still want to train towards a 1/2 marathon and I need some sort of structure to my running to get there. So I did a new SmartCoach training plan and made a few adjustments.

The main differences can be seen on Wednesdays (either tempo or speedwork) and Saturday distances - building up to 10 miles. I might not always make it to the cross-training classes - it will depend upon my work schedule.

Week 2 (because last week was week 1)
Mon - easy 2 mile, Tues - Spin & Abs class, Wed - 5 mile speedwork 1(ugh), Thurs - Abs & Tone, Friday - Yoga, Saturday - 7 mile long run, Sunday - Rest. Total Miles - 14
Week 3
Mon - easy 2 mile, Tues - Spin & Abs class, Wed - 5 mile tempo run, Thurs - Abs & Tone, Friday - Yoga, Saturday - 8 mile long run, Sunday - Rest. Total Miles -15
Week 4
Mon - easy 2 mile, Tues - Spin & Abs class, Wed - easy 3 mile, Thurs - Abs & Tone, Friday - Yoga, Saturday - 3 mile long run, Sunday - Rest. Total Miles - 10
Week 5
Mon - easy 2 mile, Tues - Spin & Abs class, Wed - 6 mile tempo run, Thurs - Abs & Tone, Friday - Yoga, Saturday - 8 mile long run, Sunday - Rest. Total Miles - 16
Week 6
Mon - easy 2 mile, Tues - Spin & Abs class, Wed - 7 mile speedwork 2(double ugh), Thurs - Abs & Tone, Friday - Yoga, Saturday - 8 mile long run, Sunday - Rest. Total Miles - 17
Week 7
Mon - easy 2 mile, Tues - Spin & Abs class, Wed - 5 mile tempo, Thurs - Rest, Friday - Yoga, Saturday - 10 mile long run, Sunday - Rest. Total Miles - 17

Tempo Run - Warm; 10:30 miles; Cool
Speedwork1 - Warm; 2x1600 in 10:09 w/800 jogs; Cool
Speedwork2 - Warm; 3x1600 in 10:03 w/800 jogs; Cool

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly Results 5/4-5/10

Not as great this week but our home schedule was a bit off....

Monday 5/4 - Kick, Punch, & Crunch aerobics class at the rec center. Very sweaty and resulted in sore hips and shin the next day.
Tuesday 5/5 - Didn't have time at lunch to work out. Didn't want to at the end of the day but ended up running a mile on the treadmill later that night - 8:20.
Wednesday 5/6 -No exercise but I took my 3 year old to the pool to see how he did with the water. Unfortunately I can't count sitting around the pool as exercise. :)
Thursday 5/7 - Ran almost 4 miles in the morning. Felt great but needed breakfast before running.
Friday 5/8 - Lots of rain in the morning, did nothing exercise wise.
Saturday 5/9 - No exercise.
Sunday 5/9 - Ran almost 6 miles around my neighborhood. Ate lots of carbs in honor of Mother's Day. Loving the cool temps and wish they would stick around all summer. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aaack I forgot!! Extreme Workout Thursdays!!!

Don't forget like me!!

Extreme Workout Thursdays!!!
Extreme Workout Thursdays are for those who exercise on a normal (or semi-normal) basis or those who aren't exercising at all! The whole point is to push beyond your normal workout routine and have one day where you sweat just a little bit more. It's about getting to the point where you think "Why am I *blank*ing doing this?" (cursing is optional) but feel good about yourself when you're done. It could be as simple as adding 5 more minutes to your cardio or an extra rep to your weights - or - it can be as extreme as you can handle (within the normal limits of not killing yourself - I assume no liability for injuries which may occur due to your extremeness). Your only responsibility is to post what you did in my comments box so we can all benefit from the mutual support.

If you aren't exercising at all take EWT as a chance to walk a mile, do some ab work, or ride a bike. And post to let us know how you feel afterwards!

***I did run further for a mid-week run than I normally do but I'll get in some ab work tonight to finish up my own EWT!!!

My Sleeping Beauty Run

I got a morning run in today. I opened my eyes and could see that it was sunny outside. So I popped out of bed and checked the clocked. It was only 6:20 and I was actually awake enough to think that a run sounded fun. So I threw on my clothes and shoes and headed out to a bright and wonderful morning.

The first part was idyllic. The stuff of running propaganda. A cool breeze, the birds chirping, everything fresh and green. Soon I was passing by robins as they played in the grass. And then a group of bunnies that were out for a morning stroll. After a while I even passed by three angry geese - I half feared that they would chase me. I had to laugh at the Disney Princess theme of it all. But by the time I had fearfully passed the geese I was on a road with no sidewalks and there were more people driving to work. Plus I was on a really long (though not particularly steep) hill. I could feel the effects of not eating anything before I started my jog and my legs felt pretty heavy. I also found it funny when I went from a shady area to full sun that my sunglasses completely fogged up. But I kept on going because it was a gorgeous way to start a morning.

After almost a solid week of rain it was so nice to see the sun. It looked like it was actually going to be sunny all day. I finished my run and ate some food and started to get the kids ready for the day. I grabbed a quick shower and then headed off to work. As soon as I pulled my car out of the garage the sky was covered in clouds and everything was grey again. It was if my sunny morning run had never happened. I'm still confused as to how the sky got THAT cloudy that quickly since there were no clouds anywhere less than an hour earlier. So I'm convinced that I must have been put to sleep for a long time - after all it would fit today's theme.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Biggest Loser Gripes and My Mile

Y'all know I'm a huge fan of Biggest Loser and last night was the last episode before the live weigh in. I don't care who wins this year. I wanted Kristen to win but she was voted off a couple of weeks ago. The remaining three can win or not win - I don't care. But if you watched last night's episode you can see that these people clearly have issues that go beyond weight. But I won't go into that for now.

Their final challenge was to "run" a marathon (a full marathon mind you) and they only had 26 days to train for it. WTH? This is awful for common, non-running Americans to see. Completely unrealistic unless you plan on injuring yourself - which happened to Mike. He ended up having to walk the whole 26.2 miles and he wasn't too happy about it. I don't blame him. This would have been a great thing to train for - a wonderful accomplishment for them to achieve. But give them a real training program. Their plan for training was to run, run, and run some more. No wonder he killed his hip. Tara and Helen did a great job but I can guarantee you that they too caused themselves some type of injury that will slow down their other exercises. And Ron, he could only walk it anyway due to his knee issues - even walking the whole thing almost killed him but they let him keep doing it. Who cares if a contestant drops dead - it's good t.v.


But during the last 15 or so minutes of it I dusted off our treadmill and decided that I would run another "fast" mile. Last time I did it in 8:40, this time I pushed it a bit at the end and did it in 8:20. I want to get it under 8 and then work on trying to keep my 5k under 30 minutes. If I can do 9 min/miles for 3 miles I'll be pretty happy. I think it's do-able I just have to work on it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Even the hills have hills

So I'm trying to suck it up. I'm trying to tell myself to get over the fear of 10 miles with heat and hills. I can do the race. I probably won't have 10:30 min/miles but I can do it.

I wonder if this fear eventually leaves you. I suppose it does since I don't hear many runners who have been at this a while have these arguments with themselves over whether or not they can do it - to them it's more of a "can I beat my PR?" Since every race right now is my own PR (since I've never done it before) that's not my worry. It's getting past the old me that never pushed herself to do something that was hard.

So after buying my new shoes and talking with my old trainer at Fleet Feet I figured it would be a good test to have a long run on a more hilly area. I knew to cut back my overall miles a little bit since I haven't done anything longer than 3 miles over the past couple of weeks. So I chose one of our local parks who's path is a good workout even if you just walk and it has one "HILL" that everybody dreads. I figured out how to get 5 miles out of it and went for it.

It wasn't hot but it was very humid (it had been raining all day and was threatening to rain again at any moment). I was drenched in sweat and my breath and heart rate were higher than normal. I took my water belt with me because I knew I would need it. There's water fountains at the trail heads but to go in and back is 2 miles.

I started off running along the main road rather than tackling "THE HILL" right from the start. But running along the main road was uphill too (just not as drastic). But it was fine because I knew that coming back (when I was more tired) it would be a nice downhill end to my run. I crossed paths with another gal that was running and it was good to see someone else drenched in sweat. I noticed that I was huffing and puffing a lot sooner than normal.

I got off of the main run and started running through the trail and it was just gorgeous. This is all forested area and with our tremendous amount of rain this spring it is currently very lush. There were only a few people on the trail and going out to the end point turned out to have more downhills than uphills - which I realized after I thought, "well hey that wasn't so bad!" On the way back I thought, "Do I really need to go 5 miles? Really?" But I knew that if I went down "THE HILL" and back up again then I'd be forced to do another 2 mile loop and by that point finishing the last 1/2 mile wouldn't be so bad (since it was downhill after all). So at the bottom of "THE HILL" I grabbed some water from the fountain, emptied out my bladder, mopped the sweat off my brow, noticed how red I looked and wondered if I always looked like that when I ran, then I found an inspirational song on the iPod and headed back UP "THE HILL."

I used a trick my trainer told me and kept my head down and didn't focus on how high it was or how much further I had to go. I didn't go very fast at all but I still kept a jogging gait. I got about 80% through it when it started to get REALLY hard. I made it all the way to the top but the last few feet were torture. I let myself walk for about 100 feet or so and then started jogging again.

Overall I had 3 breaks during the 5 miles so it was a much slower jog than normal but my goal wasn't to do this fast. It was to get through the hills and see how it felt to do a long run after not doing one since my 10k race.

As for Precious - well I could feel my right toe rubbing and I was starting to get a blister on the inside of my left heel. I'll give Precious one more run but am willing to take her back because for $125 I want perfect shoes. But the good news was that my right shin didn't hurt at all after the run which makes me think that it was my Nikes and not a stress fracture. But I'm still keeping an eye on things.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Results - April 29-May 3

Much better exercise wise this week....

Monday - Walked/jogged 1 or 2 miles? And weights for abs & arms. (I'm really having a hard time remember Monday but I know I went to work out with hubby.)
Tuesday - Abs & Tone - abs were beyond sore
Wednesday - Bike for 30 minutes (8 miles), walked/jogged for 1.2 miles (workout with hubby). That night I bought some swim goggles so I can get more serious about being a better swimmer. Haven't used them yet...
Thursday - EWT!!! Jogged two miles in the morning (workout with hubby) and then came back at lunch and biked 10 min (less than 2 miles but it was on one heck of a hill), stair climbed 10 min (it was like 45 floors or something), and ran for 10 min (one mile). Loads of sweat.
Friday - No exercise due to my work schedule but I needed a rest day.
Saturday - No exercise because of the rain but I bought some nifty new shoes!
Sunday - The rain was still coming down but there was a small break in the afternoon so I took Precious out for test run on some hills. I figured if I could do 5 miles on hills then I could evaluate how well I could prepare for the 10 miler in 7 weeks. I'll give more details in a separate post.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


It's the beginning of the month so we jut got paid and I just got a small bonus. So here they are my new loves!

Brooks Infiniti 2 - aka "Precious"

No one touches these shoes. They are only worn for running and won't see the light of the gym for cross training or even walking around Krogers.

At $125 these things better last longer than 4 months which is what my Nikes have done.

I used the pro's at Fleet Feet to make a suggestion on what would be my best pair of shoes and unfortunately for my wallet my feet liked these best.

My long run was pushed until tomorrow because it's raining today. I don't want to get Precious wet quite yet.