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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are you crying? NOVA is making you cry?!

Thanks to Netflix I just got done watching NOVA's Marathon Challenge. Basically NOVA takes 13 sedentary people and trains them over a 9 month period to run the Boston Marathon. For other non-runners/newbies I'll add in that they are able to run Boston as a "special case". You normally have to qualify to run in Boston by running a previous marathon in a certain amount of time (varies by age and sex). That being said it's a fantastic video for newbies to watch. It explains a lot of the science behind running and the factors that go into endurance training and improving your overall health - even covers that the women don't lose weight just by running (something that I've found to be true for me).

And at the end of any good marathon video is when the team finishes their race. So there I am on the recliner bawling and cheering them on as if I knew these people. I certainly identify with them but I started to laugh when I realized that I'm now giving running movies the same emotional connection as I do while watching shows like Baby Story. I always cry when those women finally push out their babies and hold them for the first time. And now I get choked up when someone crosses the finish line. Lord help me, I'm not crazy I swear it.

As mentioned on my weekly results it is hard to get my exercise in this week. I did go to Spin & Abs today but it may be the only thing I can fit in this week. I hope to be done with work early enough tomorrow to run before picking up the kids from daycare but we'll just have to see how the day plays out.


  1. That movie sounds really interesting! At this stage I have no interest in ever attempting to run a marathon, but I"m obsessed with reading race results, particularly stories about ppl who have just run a marathon...not sure what the draw is, but it's addicting!!

  2. I'm going to put that movie on my list. I would cry too, stuff like the Olympics, HS state basketball tournaments, & great movies of people working hard to finish/change something will do it. I hope I do cry. I think good movies make you feel something.