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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally an update!

Good news/bad news - no fractures according to the x-ray but then what the heck is going on with my right calf?

Denial news - I'll just keep working out and see if it gets worse.

Lazy news - Last week I only did Spin and Abs and my three mile speed work. It's so not worth a whole week in review.

Back on the horse news - Went back to Spin and Abs yesterday. Husband is back home so I can run this weekend, and work is less busy this week so I should be able to make it to my Thursday and Friday group classes.

Salivating and waiting on the edge of my seat news - only 5 days left until I got to an overnight get away with an old friend at a spa/resort. Hour long massages have been booked, drinks will be drunk (well by me at least), and many yummy things will be eaten.

Life with a disease news - ok of all of the diseases you could have hypothyroidism is probably the one you want to have but I'm still trying to absorb the thoughts of having to take synthetic thyroid hormones every day for the rest of my life. I just started my first dosage today and am curious as to how it will affect me - so far it feels like I took a couple of Benadryl (not quite the reaction I expected). I'm waiting for weight to FLY off of me - unrealistic you say? Pshaw - you don't know me very well then. ;)

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