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Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Sleeping Beauty Run

I got a morning run in today. I opened my eyes and could see that it was sunny outside. So I popped out of bed and checked the clocked. It was only 6:20 and I was actually awake enough to think that a run sounded fun. So I threw on my clothes and shoes and headed out to a bright and wonderful morning.

The first part was idyllic. The stuff of running propaganda. A cool breeze, the birds chirping, everything fresh and green. Soon I was passing by robins as they played in the grass. And then a group of bunnies that were out for a morning stroll. After a while I even passed by three angry geese - I half feared that they would chase me. I had to laugh at the Disney Princess theme of it all. But by the time I had fearfully passed the geese I was on a road with no sidewalks and there were more people driving to work. Plus I was on a really long (though not particularly steep) hill. I could feel the effects of not eating anything before I started my jog and my legs felt pretty heavy. I also found it funny when I went from a shady area to full sun that my sunglasses completely fogged up. But I kept on going because it was a gorgeous way to start a morning.

After almost a solid week of rain it was so nice to see the sun. It looked like it was actually going to be sunny all day. I finished my run and ate some food and started to get the kids ready for the day. I grabbed a quick shower and then headed off to work. As soon as I pulled my car out of the garage the sky was covered in clouds and everything was grey again. It was if my sunny morning run had never happened. I'm still confused as to how the sky got THAT cloudy that quickly since there were no clouds anywhere less than an hour earlier. So I'm convinced that I must have been put to sleep for a long time - after all it would fit today's theme.

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