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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Waiting on an x-ray

(not my leg)

I finally went to get an x-ray of my leg today. I did it late in the afternoon so I won't get the result back until at least tomorrow. The hard part is that a lot of stress fractures don't show up on normal x-rays so if there's nothing there I'm still not in the clear. We could do an MRI and all that fun stuff but I don't think the pain I have warrants that kind of imaging yet.

This all stems from the fact that I finally had a yearly physical (beyond the annual womenly "stuff" check). I also got my blood work back and I'm great for cholesterol which is good because before (40+ lbs ago) I was not so good and bad levels do run in my family regardless.

What has come back is that apparently I have hypothyroidism. This isn't a complete surprise as my thyroid levels have always been on the low side of normal. I don't have all the details yet since I still have to talk to my Dr about the results but I hope this partially explains why it's so hard for me to lose weight and thus I can eat more ice cream without guilt. Kidding kidding... (not really)

And lastly I did get a short run in yesterday. It was only 3 miles total but I did speed work for 2 of those 2 miles so I think it counts as a good workout. I have lacked on EWT today but my extreme workout is dealing with two young children during the witching hour.

And that being said I'm off to go battle the nightly dinner argument that I have with my 3 year old.

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  1. Keep us posted for sure!!

    I didn't do EWT, but I did EWF. :o) In my bikini class today in the SECOND cycle of circuits, I did the last 30 seconds of crunches double time and with my arms out in front of me. I also rowed as fast as I possibly could. :o)