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Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Results - 5/11-5/17

Remember that I have a new schedule! It started off good but then went downhill fast.

Monday - The schedule said to run an "easy" 2 miles but I was feeling cheeky so I made it a fast two miles. The first was in 8:30 and the second was 9:30 (had two walking breaks and a side cramp that slowed me down). I was super impressed that I made that time since this run was outside and included some "gentle" hills. A sub 27 min 5k is in my future! I can see it!!
Tuesday - Spin & Abs. Oh.... my..... god.... Spin always wipes me out but I usually feel good about myself afterwards. This time (after 35+ minutes of mostly sprints and steep climbs) I just wanted to huddle on the floor in a fetal position. And to end it with a series of one minute planks? Are you kidding me?
Wednesday - the plan was for speed work but many things conspired against me. Nada for the day.
Thursday - Nothing, and thus starts the trend...
Friday - Nada
Saturday - Nope
Sunday - Mowed the lawn - can feel sore muscles in my arms so it counts.

I couldn't fit it my running this week despite my grandiose thoughts from earlier this week. I could have squeezed a run in this weekend but instead I caught up on other important housekeeping items. This next week will be tricky to fit stuff in since work will be busier and I'll be a single parent for a few days. But we'll see what I can do!

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  1. Sounds like a great spin workout, I love spin. I count mowing the lawn too. I like your Bingham quote, I have several of his books, good stuff!