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Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly Results 5/4-5/10

Not as great this week but our home schedule was a bit off....

Monday 5/4 - Kick, Punch, & Crunch aerobics class at the rec center. Very sweaty and resulted in sore hips and shin the next day.
Tuesday 5/5 - Didn't have time at lunch to work out. Didn't want to at the end of the day but ended up running a mile on the treadmill later that night - 8:20.
Wednesday 5/6 -No exercise but I took my 3 year old to the pool to see how he did with the water. Unfortunately I can't count sitting around the pool as exercise. :)
Thursday 5/7 - Ran almost 4 miles in the morning. Felt great but needed breakfast before running.
Friday 5/8 - Lots of rain in the morning, did nothing exercise wise.
Saturday 5/9 - No exercise.
Sunday 5/9 - Ran almost 6 miles around my neighborhood. Ate lots of carbs in honor of Mother's Day. Loving the cool temps and wish they would stick around all summer. :)

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