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Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Results - April 29-May 3

Much better exercise wise this week....

Monday - Walked/jogged 1 or 2 miles? And weights for abs & arms. (I'm really having a hard time remember Monday but I know I went to work out with hubby.)
Tuesday - Abs & Tone - abs were beyond sore
Wednesday - Bike for 30 minutes (8 miles), walked/jogged for 1.2 miles (workout with hubby). That night I bought some swim goggles so I can get more serious about being a better swimmer. Haven't used them yet...
Thursday - EWT!!! Jogged two miles in the morning (workout with hubby) and then came back at lunch and biked 10 min (less than 2 miles but it was on one heck of a hill), stair climbed 10 min (it was like 45 floors or something), and ran for 10 min (one mile). Loads of sweat.
Friday - No exercise due to my work schedule but I needed a rest day.
Saturday - No exercise because of the rain but I bought some nifty new shoes!
Sunday - The rain was still coming down but there was a small break in the afternoon so I took Precious out for test run on some hills. I figured if I could do 5 miles on hills then I could evaluate how well I could prepare for the 10 miler in 7 weeks. I'll give more details in a separate post.

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