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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ooooooh shiny!

Well maybe not shiny but it is kind of cool. Runner's World recently came out with a new training program/journal that's pretty nifty. I'm sure I'll be obsessed with it for a few days and then forget all about it. :) I'm just impressed that the free version has as much capability as this one does.

Personal Trainer

Plans for today include a lunch run and yoga. The weather should be beautiful for a long weekend run. I'm actually feeling a bit excited about getting into running again. I guess it just reminds me that running begets more running.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Upon reflection...

I enjoyed my morning run more than I thought I did while running it. Strangely (for me) I woke up at 6 a.m. this morning wide awake and ready to be up for the day. I was planning on running in the morning but my original plans were to come to work and run inside. I finally won the mental battle of getting out of bed and running outside instead - this gave me the added bonus of being able to shower at home. The weather was very nice for 6:30 in the morning (took me that long to actually get out the door) but I was hot at the end.

Once again I was fine during the first mile and started getting tired during the second mile but I did go 3.1 miles this morning with several walking breaks. I actually thought I had run closer to 4 miles but when I mapped my route I discovered I was very off. Oh well, it's farther than I ran on Monday and it didn't kill me. Two big pluses in my book.

And the big bonus for today was that I found a dollar bill while I was running! Sweet!

This is one of my new favorite songs to run to. I never had seen the video and it's hillarious. This is what I miss by never watching MTV anymore. Of course MTV never plays videos anymore either but that's a whole other subject.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ready to look absurd

I was reading through Runner's World today and saw a link to this article: Head for the Pool. I might try this for long runs on the weekends as I get back into training this summer. I particularly like the bit of advice to run half on land and half in the pool. Too bad my iPod isn't waterproof.

I woke up today feeling the pleasant soreness from my run yesterday. Nothing too bad just enough to know that I finally worked my muscles. The shin pain seems to be gone (although I haven't done anything long distance to really try it out yet). That may be one benefit from my down time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

One way or another

I will run a 5k the weekend of August 14th. It will either be a night run on the 14th or an early morning run on the 15th. I'd rather do the early morning run since it's in my town but my husband will be out of town and I don't know if a babysitter would be willing to come to my house at 6 a.m. :) So it will probably be the night run.

I had to find something to get me back into training. And as my past couple of runs have shown, I need to build my endurance back up. I ran two miles today at a decent pace. It was really hard but I didn't let it get me down. I know I have to start again somewhere. I have five weeks to get back up to my old pace. I really hope to do a sub 30 minute 5k this time around. Two months ago this would have been easily possible but now I have to work harder.

Then in early September there's a local 10k which is a good prep before the 1/2 Marathon at the beginning of October. That's still my goal. I'm not concerned (right now) with how long it takes me to do the half I just want to get back into it.

I have seen that although I wasn't a fan of cold weather running it's a heck of a lot better than hot weather. I have not run outside for a long time and probably won't train much outside either until September. Humidity and heat are not my friends. Give me a 40 degree day to run in anyday!

I've stopped my medication. We'll revisit it at the end of this year. It's just not worth it for the side effects. It makes me really mad that I've lost so much (endurance and strength) over the past couple of months while we mucked around with it.

So hopefully you'll see more updates from me as I prepare for my 5k. Right now here's my training plan - get back up to the mileage and then work on speed. So over the next 2 weeks (perhaps 3):
Monday - easy 2 mile
Tuesday - crosstrain or rest
Wednesday - 2.5-3 miles
Thursday/Friday - crosstrain or rest
Saturday - 3 miles

My hope is that over two weeks I can get back to doing this comfortably rather than struggling through every lap after 1 mile. After that I'll throw in some speedwork and up my long runs to 4 or even 5 miles. But I have to remember to take things a bit slowly to remind my muscles how this whole running thing works. And also to remind my heart and lungs that they CAN do this. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some of my favorite people

Not too long ago I would have died before putting up a bathing suit picture of myself. But since my thighs are covered in board-shorts I feel okay with showing you all this picture of my family:

Left to right: "A" 18 months old, "M" the hubby, "Me" (not taller than my husband but that river sloped really sharply, and "S" 3.75 years old.

This was part of our vacation with my parents last week - and yet another reason why I haven't posted or exercised recently. The one thing I thought about while swimming around in this river was that I wondered how triatheletes get over having their mouths in river/lake water. Seems pretty gross to me. ;)