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Monday, August 31, 2009

I may have over-estimated myself

So I'm still here but haven't been running enough on a regular basis for it to be worth blogging about - in fact it still probably isn't worth blogging about but I'm going to anyway. Blame the narcissism.

I did sign up for the M'boro Middle Half which is just 5 weeks away. My progress in training for this has gone rapidly downhill since April. So now my only goal is to finish it and hope that I'm within 3 hours. I know I'll have to walk parts of it and that's okay. I needed to sign up for it and have something to train for. But I also have to be careful in my training so that I don't injure myself again.

I haven't been able to train very much over the past 3 weeks because my husband has been out of town and I'm not paying a babysitter to watch my kids while I run. Work has also been too busy to get any lunchtime workouts. But all that changes now. Work will get into a slower routine again and I'll have extra adult help on weekends so I can take off and do my long runs.

I started yesterday with the expectations of doing a 4 mile easy run. It was tough and I had a few walking breaks. I certaintly wasn't breaking any time records. But I pushed it from a 4 mile run to a 5 mile run. This decision was made at the 2 mile mark (where I would have had to turn around) and didn't feel so bad then. But by the time I had gone 4 miles I was WIPED and I still had another mile to get back to my car. But I finished and am very sore today. Thankfully it's just muscle soreness and not knee or shin soreness. I'll run again tomorrow and Thursday. I probably won't be into doing speed workouts just building back up the mileage again. My plan for my next long run is 6 miles. Not for any kind of time - just to make it that far. I have 5 weeks to build up to 13.1 miles. While I probably won't get that far in training at least I want to get up to 10 miles. Even if it's a slow 10 miles. :)

I'll blog about it again so I can look back at my progress. I will say that as tough as it was to make it all 5 miles I felt really good about myself afterwards. I missed that endorphine high or maybe it was just the feeling of accomplishment. I definitely miss the way my pants were fitting rather than the tightness they have again. :)