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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Germs, not the swine kind

Of course I get into my second week of training again and I get sick. Of course! But it hasn't stopped me yet. I may have missed work yesterday but I did get my 2 mile run in (even though it was supposed to be Monday). Actually I wasn't so sick that I couldn't have gone to work but since I'm in a univeristy I 1) didn't want to spread my germs around, and 2) be in an environment with even more germs with an already low immune system. I did however run at the gym but since I didn't change there or use the equipment plus I washed and santized my hands a couple of times I think I'll be okay. I just ran on the inside track.

When I started there were a couple of girls on the track that weren't exactly athletic. That always makes me happy. I fell in place behind one girl and thought she was running an easy pace and decided just to pace her and let her lead since I didn't have tunes to keep me entertained (still need to charge the iPod). Unfortunately she wasn't going too easy and soon I found myself having to pick up the pace to keep about 5-10 feet behind her. I chuckled to myself on the third lap that this is what I get for being cocky. She did eventually start going slower as she finished up her run so I felt some small accomplishment in passing her. I did my two miles in good time. The first was right around 10 minutes and the second was just over 9 minutes. I felt really good running though the end of each mile was still tough. I guess it's beginning to fall back in place some.

Small favors are that my germs seem to be more throat related than lung and I'm not too wiped out so I can keep running. Next is three miles. Hopefully it won't be too hot after I teach so I can get outside, if not it's back to laps on the inside track. Boring... Must charge iPod tomorrow!

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