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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Plan (and a sore thumb)

Can a sore thumb be a good enough excuse that one should never do spin again?

Went to a 1/2 hour spin class yesterday afternoon for cross-training. I used to dominate spin - always wiped me out but I was strong. Yesterday I was sweaty one swearing under her breath at the perky instructor. I know it's good for me - it will help to build endurance but good Lord it was hard. I could feel a pulled muscle behind my left knee and my thumb (from where I "rested" it against the handlebars) is very sore today. The only bright spot was that I had an extra pair of pants in my workout bag so I didn't have to wear the pair that has a low waist line and therefore exposes my underwear when I'm on a spin bike. Nothing like being sweaty and having half your arse hanging out for the world to see.

So here's the plan for mileage (because one must always have a plan even if one blatantly ignores it):
Week 1 - 10 miles total, Sun LR 5 m, Wed 3 m, Fri, 2 m
Week 2 - 13 miles total, Sun LR 6 m, Mon 2 m, Wed 3 m, Fri 2 m
Week 3 - 15 miles total, Sun LR 7 m, Mon 2 m, Wed 4 m, Fri 2 m
Week 4 - 17 miles total, Sun LR 9 m, Mon 2 m, Wed 4 m, Fri 2 m
Week 5 - 27.1 miles, Sun LR 11 m, Tues 3m, Sat 1/2 marathon (13.1 m)

None of this will be done for speed though I imagine (and hope) that my speed will increase as the weeks go on and my body gets used to it again.

And to end another favorite song to run to (especially at the end of the run when you wonder why you even picked this hobby to beging with):

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  1. I SOOO have to get that song!! Ok, so I've not run since July 4...maybe I"d run more if I had more songs like that. LOL