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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Second Run this Week

My original training plans fell through so I didn't get my next run until Wednesday. I brought my clothes to work and changed after teaching my last class. I just ran around the neighborhoods that are close to campus. Some of these will be the same roads that I'll run for my half. I got pretty thirsty about 1/2 way through but didn't bring any water with me. I swear the total run felt like it was close to 4 miles but when I Gmap'd it later it was only 3 miles. But that's okay because 3 miles was my plan. I can't complain about the weather especially since it's still normally pretty hot in September. I don't feel as sore today as I did on Monday but my right shin did flare up a bit. I blame not stretching properly. I'll do another run tomorrow (hopefully) and my long run again on Sunday. Long run should be 6 miles - I'll remember to bring water with me so I don't stop as often.

The real problem is that hubby and I are trying to do the South Beach diet plan. I may make some exceptions to eat a controlled amount of carbs an hour before running that way it's burnt right off but otherwise we're following the no carbs for the first two weeks plan. But I know I'll need the carbs to make it through my runs. I have to make some diet changes though to see weight results. While running before I was just maintaining my current weight and doing some toning which is good but not enough for what I want to see. First I want to get comfortable in my current size (rather than the tightness that I feel) and hopefully go one more size down. I'm not talking drastic weight loss - probably just another 10-15 lbs. I know cutting carbs will help though it's harder to maintain over the long run. But if I can get down to the size I want and then can just maintain I'll be happy. I've talked before about how this is a life long process so I'll probably keep coming back again and again to this issue but that's okay. I just don't want to give up.

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