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Monday, September 21, 2009

This is why I wasn't going to get the flu shot yet

I get the flu shot every year and every year I get sick right after getting the flu shot. Not with the flu - but with something. So this year my plan was to delay getting the flu shot until after October 3rd so it wouldn't interfere with my training plans.

Germs don't listen to my schedule.

I'm not sure I have the flu, it might just be a cold but along with the congestion it's just worn me out. I hate to think of walking from my bedroom to the kitchen so getting out and jogging a couple of miles (10 was the plan for Sunday) just isn't going to happen.

So fine. You win germs (yet again). I'll only have one more long run before my 1/2. I won't get in the planned mileage over the last two weeks. My time will suck on the 3rd but I'm still going for it. After all $70 is a lot of money to me. I just hope I feel better by Wednesday so I can still get in some mileage this week - that gives me 2 more days to recover. That's enough right?

Stop laughing you evil germs.

Weekly Results 9/13-9/19
Sunday: 8 miles, 1 hour 40'ish minutes
Monday-Tuesday: didn't get my 2 mile run in
Wednesday: 5 miles, 55'ish minutes
Thursday-Saturday: Sick
Total - 13 miles, lost 2 miles from plan due to sickness

Revised plan for 9/20-10/3
Sunday-Tuesday: Recover from sickness
Wednesday: 5 mile, easy run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 2 mile, easy run
Saturday: 10 mile easy run
Sunday-Monday: Recover
Tuesday: 3 mile, easy run
Wednesday-Friday: Rest, walk
Saturday - half marathon

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