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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekly Results 9/6-9/12

I completed my goals for my second week in spite of getting sick and feeling some sore muscles in my left lateral hamstring and right shin. The pain didn't linger and went away with ice and ibuprofen so it's nothing to worry about. It did keep me from cross-training since I thought it was better to rest the muscles than wear them out. Some of this I've already blogged about but here's the recap:

Sunday - 6 miles, some walking included and almost had a head stroke (will summer ever end?)
Monday - Labor Day, couldn't get away from the kids and hubby plus it was still hot
Tuesday - stayed home sick but did get my easy two mile run in (19.30 minutes)
Wednesday - did three miles after work/teaching classes. First 2 miles in 19.10 minutes, had one lap walking break, last mile somewhere around 9 minutes - it's actually a little off since I count 6 laps as a mile in my time and it's actually supposed to be 6.5 laps. So you can probably add on another 45 seconds to any estimation for a half lap.
Thursday - Iced sore hamstrings.
Friday - woke up early enough to run outside before it got too blasted hot though it was still too humid for my liking. Got 2 miles in, didn't time it but tried to stay slow and take it easy on my hamstring.
Total Miles - 13

If I only had 1 week to complete my 1/2 marathon we'd be doing pretty darn good right about now... BTW the carbs came back on Wednesday and there's no more talk in my house about going carbless. I'm particularly enjoying Einstein Brother's Power Bagels with peanut butter. Yum yum.

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