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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I didn't even know I had a rectus femoris

But man, I sure did know when I strained it.

I did a treadmill run on Tuesday night while watching Biggest Loser. I had too many carbs that day and felt full of energy. I started off with just a 5 minute walk/warm up and stretched before getting into my runs. My only goal for this workout was to burn 500 calories (at least according to the treadmill). I tried to spend as much time running at level 7 (8:34/mile) as I could. It was a good 45 minute workout. I felt good about it and didn't feel any pain at all while running. But as soon as I stopped that darn rectoral femoris flared up like someone had a clamp on it. It was stiff yesterday and feels a bit bruised today but not stiff anymore.

I'll work out at the rec center today and my 6 week boot camp starts on Monday. More than ever I'm looking forward to strengthening muscles so I can stop having these aches and strains whenever I run. As far as diet and weight is concerned, I'm still at the same three numbers that I've been for 10+ months now. It's gone up a little and comes down again. My goal is to lose 10 lbs in 6 weeks which I think is a very manageable goal but we'll see what my body does. I get my thyroid tested again in December. I'm not on meds for it right now since the meds whacked me out so bad back in May but we may revisit medication again if my numbers are bad in December. That's not a thing I'm looking forward to.

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