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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Now what...

Given the fact that I'm not eager to start training for a marathon or another 1/2 what should I do next?

Today I'm doing spin and I want to keep running but I do better with schedules if I'm going to keep on track. So I'll have to think about some things or goals I want to accomplish.

I did find two pictures so far of me in the race (courtesy of the Daily News Journal):

That's me in the pink shirt and blue pants - #1793 (if you don't already know what I look like).

I'm like a giant next to that woman in purple. I'm not freakishly tall - I am tall (5' 8.5") but not freakishly tall.

Oh well I can't complain about the pics - at least they're better than this guy who quotes: "My favorite one is shown here. It's less "choking victim," I think, and more "angry baby who smells rotten eggs while imitating a velociraptor."

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