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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Somewhere between winter running outfits and summer outfits

Fall is here and mornings are much cooler now. It really is lovely to run in 50 degree weather but it makes for outfit dilemmas. It's so cold at the beginning but you warm up pretty darn quick. Today I wore my full length running pants, my tank top, and a jacket and it proved to be just about right. The jacket came off after 3 miles but it never got too hot for the long pants. There were still plenty of other runners in shorts and t-shirts but I was way too cold in the beginning for that.

It's been a week now since running 13.1 - my monster. But I'm still thinking about slaying that dragon again with the hopes of slicing at least 5 minutes off my overall time - I'd be thrilled with a 2:30 finish. I didn't get any other training runs in this week but I had some ankle issues so I was being easy on it - plus it was dreary and rainy and well I made excuses.

So today's run was plotted out with the hopes of getting double digits but settling for at least 4 miles if needed. I'll tell you at first it seemed more likely that I'd only go about 3. My ankle stiffened up after about 1/2 a mile. It made me paranoid about the antibiotics I took last week. Apparently some antibiotics can make you more prone to getting tendinitis! Good grief. But as I progressed down the Greenway my ankle did get looser and felt better.

I got to the 3 mile marker and had to make my decision about how much further I wanted to go. I took a quick bathroom and pep talk break (you're stronger than this - you can do anything - rah rah rah) and headed down the path that would add at least 3 more miles and possibly 5 if I kept going. And I did keep going. Of course I had walking breaks and I felt leg stiffness as well - I really need to do more squats and tighten up my hams again.

The last 3 miles were hard but I was happy to get in my 11 miles. The time sucked but I wasn't doing it for time. At the end I was more bothered with a blister on the bottom of my foot so that was annoying. And I've lost another toenail that is still a bit tender. My shoes really are big enough so my only thought is that I lost it due to increased mileage.

But here are the results for this week:
10/4 - much deserved rest after 1/2
10/5 - still resting
10/6 - 3.5 miles with plenty of breaks
10/7 - 10 min bike warm-up, 30 minutes of weights, 10 min walk
10/8-10 - excuses and rest
10/11 - 11 miles (2 hr 20 min'ish)

This next week won't look like the training plan I made up for myself since I'll be sitting on a bus for a good portion of Tuesday and Wednesday but I hope to get at least 2 small runs in and another long run when we go on a family vacation next Sunday-Tuesday.

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