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Monday, November 30, 2009

A good run gone bad

Just like Ralphie, my mama would have washed my mouth out with soap after Sunday's run. I got 6 miles in and my right thigh and hip locked up. The bad part was that I still had 2 miles back to my car. So it was a long, slow, and painful walk back to my car with many words muttered quietly as I limped along. I put back on my jacket and hat and cursed the wind that was making me cold when just a few moments ago I was sweating buckets. I covered my half marathon shirt because it was no longer cool to be seen wearing it - it's one thing to be jogging along but to walk VERY slowly while wearing a race shirt is another.

But before that moment it was a nice run. Six miles through the greenway and battlefield. Crunchy leaves and a pleasant breeze. Lovely thoughts of all the calories I was burning since it was the only exercise that I got over the holiday weekend. For a few moments all was right with the world. I could feel the stiffness in that leg and hip and it did get progressively worse throughout the run but right at 6 miles when I slowed down for a walk I just couldn't go on any further.

It's either my abductor or iliotibial band - I'm sure I'm not stretching enough. I'll talk to our trainer at boot camp today. I'll probably have to adjust some of my classes this week to give it some rest. And good news despite the lack of exercise and extra calories this weekend I'm down another pound (well I was down before my Thanksgiving gorge-fest and I managed to maintain that).

For other great quotes from The Christmas Story check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GA3HPlMhOE.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What men will never have to deal with

Weighed myself again today - lost three pounds in two days.

Hooray for periods?

Our trainer for boot camp recommended this website to track our food and exercise:
http://www.myfooddiary.com/ It costs $9 a month but I'm really pleased with the abundance of information that it provides. I've found over the past few days that I am okay with my caloric intake (once you count my exercise) but I still have too much fat and way too much sodium in my diet. The fat was a surprise since I didn't think I ate fatty foods but I guess it sneaks up on you. The sodium is not a surprise and I'm at a loss of how to cut it down without making everything from scratch - hard to find time to do that. It takes time and effort to track all of this but it is helping me make better decisions throughout the day knowing that I have to account for it later.

My plans for the holiday weekend are to get some runs in and to try Jillian's Shred video again. That will be the closest thing I can get to boot camp while the rec center is closed.

I just watched this clip on Hulu and am amazed at Rebecca's arms (and her tan): http://www.hulu.com/watch/110009/the-jay-leno-show-biggest-loser-rebecca. Can't wait for the Biggest Loser Finale next week and the "Where are They Now" episode tonight.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Highs and lows

Today started week 4 of boot camp (it's 6 weeks total). Monday's are Bosu and high step. Rah freakin' rah... It was very tough because my legs were worn out and I'm feeling low and sorry for myself.

Besides a great weekend of working out (more on the highs later) and 3 weeks of boot camp workouts my weight remains exactly the same. It's very, very frustrating to put in the pain and energy of boot camp to see no results on the scale. I know the lack of weight loss is mostly due to my diet and thyroid issues but really in my diet I've stayed the same (not perfect but not indulgent either). I will (eventually) focus on the fact that I'm getting stronger and more toned but for now I'm frustrated.

But I don't want this post to be as whiny as I feel so I'll end with my high. On Saturday we went out to eat at Moe's for lunch. I knew this wasn't great diet wise so I planned on a good workout. My first thought was to try a mini-tri workout (bike 10 mi, run 5k, swim 10 laps - can't remember the meters on that anymore but I think it's close to a 1/4 mile). I made it through the bike in 35 minutes - not fast but a good workout for me - it did include two big hills. On my run I noticed that I was averaging 9.5 minute miles and I was able to maintain that pace for the whole 5k. I was super excited to have a 28.5 minute 5k. But I was also super exhausted and out of time so I postponed the swim for another day.

I was going to swim on Sunday but it was easier to get away in the morning and the rec center doesn't open until 2 pm on Sundays. So instead I hit the Greenway for a recovery run. I didn't keep time and I had plenty of walking breaks but I went a full 6 miles. My right hip flexor is really tight and was sore through that run/walk.

So to review:
Highs - sub 29 minute 5k, logging in 20 miles this weekend (between bike and run), and working out 7 days in a row.
Lows - what's to show for it?!

Next thyroid check is December 8th. I know it's wacky because I've been exhausted lately. I am tracking my calories so I can see what changes I need to make in my diet as well. The problem is when I start counting calories I start thinking about calories and how much I NEED more calories. It's a vicious circle.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Surviving Boot Camp

Still here - just nothing really entertaining to blog about. Second week of boot camp was much better than the first. Although on Wednesday our trainer thought it would be fun to run a relay race and while we were waiting our turns we had to first sit in a squat and then in the second round hold our positions in a plank - it was multiple minutes of holding squats or planks. Really, really good times...


But I can feel/see a difference in my hams and quads so I know it's doing the job I signed up for and I love the social aspect of the classes as well. It's nice to be in misery with somebody. Especially when all the other people in the class are employees and not students so we don't feel like we're competing with perky and skinny 18 year olds.

No weight loss yet but as long as I see some inches lost I'll be satisfied. I'm going to try a double class on Wednesday (both the lunch and afternoon class).

Monday, November 9, 2009

Take that Bosu ball

You'll be happy to know that I'm feeling better and over my pity party of last week. An hour long massage on Thursday afternoon started to put me back in the right state of mind. Friday's boot camp class was spin and I was happy to do - high cardio but low impact sounded just about perfect at that moment. We also got our weekend challenge which was to climb the equivalent of the Sears Tower (110 floors). The email was a bit confusing in that the trainer first said we could split it up but then clarified that we really should try to do it all at once. So I ended up climbing 160 floors over the course of the weekend - 50 on Friday and 110 on Saturday once I reread the confusing email. I also got a little over 6 miles worth of running in. The running was hard and awkward but my thighs were trashed from a week of intense boot camp so I didn't feel too bad about it.

Today was back to classes and the trainer made us get TWO steps and the Bosu ball. Eviiiillllll. But I survived - probably because I put one step at it's lowest setting possible and my legs are longer but I'll build up to it. I'll be sore but hopefully I won't be an invalid like last week.

But I'll say it again - exercise begets more exercise. Once you start getting into a routine (and past the soreness) you love it and go back for more. I was happy to exercise this weekend and slightly considered doing the afternoon boot camp as well but I know better than to push myself that hard quite yet - I do want to keep this good attitude and still move tomorrow.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Floating on Darvocet

Day three of boot camp was yesterday. I couldn't do the actual boot camp which focused on step and the Bosu ball (evil contraption) - my legs couldn't handle it. So instead I went to Ultra Sculpt which the trainer promised me would be just arms and abs. Sounded good at the time until that night when the soreness started and suddenly I no longer had full use of ANY of my muscles. My abs and arms had been my back up for what my legs couldn't do and now they were weak and useless to me as well. In the middle of the night my neck and shoulder seized up and I had to slowly and painfully get up from bed in search for the ibuprofen. Even getting up and down from the toilet requires feats of strength and groans of agony.

So this morning as I hobbled around my house, needing help from my husband to even get up from a chair, I decided that to survive the day at work I would have to endure medicine head. Out came the Darvocet and now I float at my desk. In less pain which is good but completely useless mentally as well.

I really am trying to keep a good attitude. I'm trying to tell myself that the first week back is the hardest and I'll feel better soon. But I think all the lactic acid has gone to my brain and today I don't feel peppy or upbeat. I feel tired and discouraged. I want to go back to easy running where I can stop when I feel tired and where only one or two muscles hurt rather than every muscle in my entire body. All I can do is just keep my eye on the end goal and not on where I'm at right now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The conversation we should all be having.

Chapter 7 of week seven (go to 46:20) on Biggest Loser. Love it. (Sorry you have to deal with the commercials)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Epic Wake Up Call

Heloise asked for a meeting today.

Me: Heloise, how are you doing today?
Heloise: I'm here on behalf of my neighbors, Ms. Ham and Ms. Quad.
Me: Oh really? What's going on with them.
Heloise: They would like to say, "WHAT THE HELL?"
Me: Goodness.
Heloise: Do you like walking like your upper legs are made of jello and groaning out loud every time you sit down or get up?
Me: Not really but I need to strengthen my leg muscles again so they don't look like puffy marshmallows. Do they want to look like marshmallows?
Heloise: That's not the point.
Me: That is exactly the point, plus they kept hurting every time I ran.
Heloise: You could always stop running.
Me: Then YOU would like a marshmallow too.
Heloise: I'll tell them to stop their whining.

Day two of boot camp is over. I forgot how sore I could really get. I didn't think I got that far out of shape by ignoring cross-training but I did, oh boy I did. Last night was a 45 minute class that consisted of about 30 minutes of a combination of step, squats, and lunges. My heart rate was through the roof and I barely made it down the stairs of the rec center to go home. Today when I walk my knees tremble. Today's boot camp was similar to last night except we added weights for arms and it was 30 minutes total. What on earth did I sign up for?