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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Epic Wake Up Call

Heloise asked for a meeting today.

Me: Heloise, how are you doing today?
Heloise: I'm here on behalf of my neighbors, Ms. Ham and Ms. Quad.
Me: Oh really? What's going on with them.
Heloise: They would like to say, "WHAT THE HELL?"
Me: Goodness.
Heloise: Do you like walking like your upper legs are made of jello and groaning out loud every time you sit down or get up?
Me: Not really but I need to strengthen my leg muscles again so they don't look like puffy marshmallows. Do they want to look like marshmallows?
Heloise: That's not the point.
Me: That is exactly the point, plus they kept hurting every time I ran.
Heloise: You could always stop running.
Me: Then YOU would like a marshmallow too.
Heloise: I'll tell them to stop their whining.

Day two of boot camp is over. I forgot how sore I could really get. I didn't think I got that far out of shape by ignoring cross-training but I did, oh boy I did. Last night was a 45 minute class that consisted of about 30 minutes of a combination of step, squats, and lunges. My heart rate was through the roof and I barely made it down the stairs of the rec center to go home. Today when I walk my knees tremble. Today's boot camp was similar to last night except we added weights for arms and it was 30 minutes total. What on earth did I sign up for?

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