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Monday, November 30, 2009

A good run gone bad

Just like Ralphie, my mama would have washed my mouth out with soap after Sunday's run. I got 6 miles in and my right thigh and hip locked up. The bad part was that I still had 2 miles back to my car. So it was a long, slow, and painful walk back to my car with many words muttered quietly as I limped along. I put back on my jacket and hat and cursed the wind that was making me cold when just a few moments ago I was sweating buckets. I covered my half marathon shirt because it was no longer cool to be seen wearing it - it's one thing to be jogging along but to walk VERY slowly while wearing a race shirt is another.

But before that moment it was a nice run. Six miles through the greenway and battlefield. Crunchy leaves and a pleasant breeze. Lovely thoughts of all the calories I was burning since it was the only exercise that I got over the holiday weekend. For a few moments all was right with the world. I could feel the stiffness in that leg and hip and it did get progressively worse throughout the run but right at 6 miles when I slowed down for a walk I just couldn't go on any further.

It's either my abductor or iliotibial band - I'm sure I'm not stretching enough. I'll talk to our trainer at boot camp today. I'll probably have to adjust some of my classes this week to give it some rest. And good news despite the lack of exercise and extra calories this weekend I'm down another pound (well I was down before my Thanksgiving gorge-fest and I managed to maintain that).

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