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Monday, November 23, 2009

Highs and lows

Today started week 4 of boot camp (it's 6 weeks total). Monday's are Bosu and high step. Rah freakin' rah... It was very tough because my legs were worn out and I'm feeling low and sorry for myself.

Besides a great weekend of working out (more on the highs later) and 3 weeks of boot camp workouts my weight remains exactly the same. It's very, very frustrating to put in the pain and energy of boot camp to see no results on the scale. I know the lack of weight loss is mostly due to my diet and thyroid issues but really in my diet I've stayed the same (not perfect but not indulgent either). I will (eventually) focus on the fact that I'm getting stronger and more toned but for now I'm frustrated.

But I don't want this post to be as whiny as I feel so I'll end with my high. On Saturday we went out to eat at Moe's for lunch. I knew this wasn't great diet wise so I planned on a good workout. My first thought was to try a mini-tri workout (bike 10 mi, run 5k, swim 10 laps - can't remember the meters on that anymore but I think it's close to a 1/4 mile). I made it through the bike in 35 minutes - not fast but a good workout for me - it did include two big hills. On my run I noticed that I was averaging 9.5 minute miles and I was able to maintain that pace for the whole 5k. I was super excited to have a 28.5 minute 5k. But I was also super exhausted and out of time so I postponed the swim for another day.

I was going to swim on Sunday but it was easier to get away in the morning and the rec center doesn't open until 2 pm on Sundays. So instead I hit the Greenway for a recovery run. I didn't keep time and I had plenty of walking breaks but I went a full 6 miles. My right hip flexor is really tight and was sore through that run/walk.

So to review:
Highs - sub 29 minute 5k, logging in 20 miles this weekend (between bike and run), and working out 7 days in a row.
Lows - what's to show for it?!

Next thyroid check is December 8th. I know it's wacky because I've been exhausted lately. I am tracking my calories so I can see what changes I need to make in my diet as well. The problem is when I start counting calories I start thinking about calories and how much I NEED more calories. It's a vicious circle.

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  1. Did you take measurements before you started bootcamp? You might find that your measurements are changing. Even with the reasons working against you weight-wise, you might find that your inches are changing. I find my measurements tend to change long before my weight does.