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Monday, November 9, 2009

Take that Bosu ball

You'll be happy to know that I'm feeling better and over my pity party of last week. An hour long massage on Thursday afternoon started to put me back in the right state of mind. Friday's boot camp class was spin and I was happy to do - high cardio but low impact sounded just about perfect at that moment. We also got our weekend challenge which was to climb the equivalent of the Sears Tower (110 floors). The email was a bit confusing in that the trainer first said we could split it up but then clarified that we really should try to do it all at once. So I ended up climbing 160 floors over the course of the weekend - 50 on Friday and 110 on Saturday once I reread the confusing email. I also got a little over 6 miles worth of running in. The running was hard and awkward but my thighs were trashed from a week of intense boot camp so I didn't feel too bad about it.

Today was back to classes and the trainer made us get TWO steps and the Bosu ball. Eviiiillllll. But I survived - probably because I put one step at it's lowest setting possible and my legs are longer but I'll build up to it. I'll be sore but hopefully I won't be an invalid like last week.

But I'll say it again - exercise begets more exercise. Once you start getting into a routine (and past the soreness) you love it and go back for more. I was happy to exercise this weekend and slightly considered doing the afternoon boot camp as well but I know better than to push myself that hard quite yet - I do want to keep this good attitude and still move tomorrow.

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