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Friday, December 18, 2009


This week has been okay - I've exercised every day but my intake of calories hasn't been as good. I haven't eaten so much that I'll gain weight but I probably won't see a 2 lb loss again this week. Part of it can be blamed on Wednesday's department Christmas party/lunch - so much good stuff cooked in butter. The other part can be blamed on PMS. In fact, even if I could overcome my need to consume everything in sight I would probably still maintain my weight as I start to retain water. The real trial will start tomorrow since my rec center is now closed until January 4th. Now I have to force myself outside in the cold/wet weather or run mindlessly on my treadmill at home.

After reviewing my latest thyroid numbers I've still decided to hold off on medication. My levels while under the normal limit (and thus indicating hypothyroid) aren't too far under the normal limit and I don't have bad symptoms. After having such a bad reaction to synthyroid I'm not eager to try any other drugs yet if I have no symptoms.

My fitness assessment revealed that I have 39% body fat which is bad. I didn't expect it to be that high after all this running but it does match the fact that I still need to lose 20 lbs. My Christmas wish is to get a heart rate monitor/watch thing so I can try to do more cardio within that "fat burning" zone rather than getting too high where I'm just burning off carbs. It's a bit depressing but it's also motivation to keep working out.

I probably won't have much to report on over the next week unless I do manage to get out in the winter weather and run. I made up a training schedule to work on getting those 9 minute miles for my 5k so I do have a plan to stick to.

Stick, stick, stick.

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  1. Make sure you are running in the right zones to improve the amount of fat your body burns as you exercise! Regardless, great job in working towards your goals.