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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paula Deen you evil witch.

It's very hard to focus on watching your caloric intake and getting umpteen million calories burned per day (I never exaggerate) when you're looking up at the gym t.v.'s and see this lady making cookies. We're talking full sticks of butter, cups upon cups of sugar, chocolate and caramel delights...

I love her and I hate her.

Down one more pound - that's 8 pounds total since boot camp started. Only one more day of boot camp left so I won't get to my 10 pound goal but I'm very happy with that number and it will give me more motivation to stay away from the cookies this Christmas. Well, I'll still eat cookies - just not so many cookies.


  1. I know!! I never understood (or appreciated) why the gym had every tv set on a food channel or cooking show whenever I would go in. ugh!!!

  2. Did you see the video of her getting smacked in the face with a ham at a food bank? That is karma for making you suffer...