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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekly Results 11/29-12/5

Sunday - 6 mile run and 2 mile cursing limp back to my car.
Calories burned approx 1200

Monday-Thursday - 1/2 hour boot camp and additional 30 min of cardio on bike and elliptical.
Calories burned approx 500-550 per day

Friday - no boot camp, lunch at La Siesta, guilt all afternoon, 20 minutes of Jillian's 30 day shred level 1 that night.
Calories burned approx 150-200

Saturday - 15 minutes vigorous walking (4-5% incline) and flat running (5.5 speed); 23 minutes on bike, 29 minutes on elliptical
Calories burned approx 500

Total Calories burned: approx 3900-4000
Calories consumed: approx 10,400

Calories per week needed to maintain weight: approx 14,000
Net calories: 6400

We'll weigh tomorrow to see official weight results. But next week I have been commanded to eat more calories from my trainer. She said it was fine to do this for one week but that daily my net caloric intake should be 1200 per day. This week the average was less than 1000. I definitely don't want to put my body into starvation mode where it will eat muscle rather than fat. I have a Christmas party tomorrow so I'll be adding in some empty calories but over all I've felt really good this week. Hungry at times but not tired. I noticed I felt horrible after my Mexican food indulgence on Friday. Part of what I've loved about this week is the balance of food that I've eaten - the right amounts of fat/carbs/protein, just not enough calories overall to balance out the exercise. However, next week I probably won't add in AS much extra cardio so my net caloric intake will be a bit different. The trick is to not bounce up and down and make my metabolism go crazy.

I'll post more about Jillian's workout video tomorrow when I weigh in.

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  1. SOOOO?!?! What was the weight results already???? :o)